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Have you ever had an experience that you thought was paranormal or maybe even impossible to explain using standard scientific theories? Many people have had these experiences, and since 1929, researchers associated with the Rhine have been collecting these stories and trying to explain them scientifically. 

The Rhine is one of the only active research centers that is focused on examining psychic phenomena and the paranormal using established academic and scientific methods.  

Your donation to the Rhine will help to support our ongoing research work into ESP, survival, and the healing arts. In addition, it will help us to continue to offer educational programs and classes locally and over the internet while maintaining our ability to offer these resources to the largest number of people. Finally, you will be supporting a growing community of people who have had psychic experiences and need an outlet to discuss these experiences in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. 

Please consider offering ongoing support to the Rhine by pledging an monthly donation to the Rhine by becoming a Rhine Sustainer. With as little as $20 per month you can help the Rhine to grow and continue to be an important voice in the field of parapsychology and in the world of science. 

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