Reflections on Anne Boleyn's Well
By Susan Greenwood, Ph.D.

Editors Note: Regarding Anne Boleyn's well, the photo (above) shows the sacred well and its close proximity with everyday life.  Sadly it is now rather neglected and over-looked.  Currently, Susan Greenwood is finishing a new book, Connecting With Ripples, Brightly (working title).  In our correspondence, Greenwood mentioned the inspiration for this book relates "to seeking a deeper connection with the waters of the place where" she was born.  "In particular, what is now called Anne Boleyn's Well, but which" you know "has much older associations with primordial female earth deities."  Greenwood adds that this well served as an amplifier of cognition that after a communication with Angurboda, the spirit of the waters of place, "inspired her to write:

The waters hold me in their embrace,
give birth to me
as I am Now.

My skin sheds layer
after layer,
Until I come home.

Dark is its hold
in the cradle of life
And death
until I return
once more.


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Volume 3, Issue 1, 2011