Sacred Geography:  Deciphering Hidden Codes in the Landscape
A major new work
By Paul Devereux, Ph.D.

This brings together for the first time in one volume a full picture of ancient sacred geography, the merging of the physical environment with the human mind or soul. Comprehensive, updated and referenced, this richly illustrated work spans the globe and plumbs the ages to reveal the variety of ways in which people have invested their landscapes with mythological and spiritual meaning. From mysterious ground markings in the Americas to religious soundscapes in Asia, from choreographed pilgrimage geographies to Zen gardens, SACRED GEOGRAPHY describes in text and full-colour pictures the magical mindscapes of our ancestors.


Introduction: Mindscapes The Topography of Myth Places With Faces Centre Place Walking Through Holy Lands Lines Drawn in the Land Giants in the Earth Mapping the Monuments Soundscapes Enchanted Gardens Afterword: Geographies of the Soul

Paul Devereux is a writer/researcher on ancient sites, landscapes and lifeways, with many books (including Re-Visioning the Earth; The Sacred Place; Stone Age Soundtracks) to his credit plus a throng of articles and numerous academic papers and two major television documentaries. He is managing editor of the peer-reviewed publication, Time & Mind The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture (Berg, Oxford), a research affiliate with the Royal College of Art, and a Fellow or member of numerous professional organisations.

Hardback 16.99 Published under the Gaia imprint of Octopus Publishing Group. From October 2010, SACRED GEOGRAPHY (currently UK, USA, French and Norwegian editions) is available from the publisher (, from good bookshops, and online. Signed and discounted copies also available October onwards from the author at (credit cards and PayPal accepted.)


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Volume 3, Issue 1, 2011