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Scientific Parapsychology, Psychology, Paraphysics, Biophysics, Consciousness.
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President and Professor of Scientific Parapsychology at the University of Alternative Studies, an international higher education institution offering 21st century academic degree programs, certification programs, and introductory courses in professional scientific parapsychology. UAS cutting-edge consciousness education involves current interdisciplinary research in Parapsychology, Biophysics, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Quantum Physics, etc.

I have authored various technical papers on parapsychological topics and several books. My psychical research initiatives focus on spontaneous ESP and PK cases resulting from chronic stress and crisis situations. My research began as phenomenological qualitative research via methods of individual interviews, focus groups, and observation (semi-structured and unstructured) and analyzing qualitative data via content analysis. This later resulted in a highly structured psychical profiling instrument and a series of 16 in-depth psychical profiles, where lined up to the MBTI 2010.
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