In her New York Times bestselling memoir, THE LIGHT BETWEEN US, psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson explains what being a psychic medium actually means, how one can develop their own intuitive powers, what to expect from a reading with a psychic medium, and how being open to the possibility of receiving signing and messages from the other side can lead to a happier and more connected life.

This is the astonishing true story of Laura Lynne Jackson, a high school English teacher, a Long Island native, a wife and mother of three children, and a psychic medium able to converse with souls from the other side. Laura teaches us how we can embrace our own intuitive abilities and transform how we see our world. In her inspirational memoir, THE LIGHT BETWEEN US, Jackson shares what she’s learned about the Universe from the readings she’s done for people who’ve lost loved ones and how it works to guide us to live in a more loving and meaningful way, right here, right now.