Volume 76/ special issue December 2012


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A Special Issue Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Journal of Parapsychology

Where will parapsychology be in 25 years? 

Predictions and Prescriptions by 32 Leading Parapsychologists

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by John Palmer
  • Parapsychology—Quo Vadis? by Eberhard Bauer
  • A Quarter Century of Applied Research by Julie Beischel
  • Feeling the Future of Psi by Daryl J. Bem
  • The Final Breakthrough by Dick Bierman & James Spottiswoode
  • Parapsychology's Future: A Curmudgeonly Perspective by Stephen E. Braude
  • Psi is Here to Stay by Etzel Cardeña
  • Foresight, First Sight by James Carpenter
  • The 2037 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology by Jan Dalkvist
  • The Pursuit of the Paranormal or the Study of Anomalous Experiences? Parapsychology’s Next 25 Years by Harvey J. Irwin
  • Parapsychology in Context: The Big Picture by Edward F. & Emily W. Kelly
  • The Easily Tested Ideas Have Been Tried, Now Engage the Phenomena by J. E. Kennedy
  • Parapsychology 2037: Advancing Under the Aegis of Aligned Approaches? by David Luke
  • Where We Stand and Where We are Going by Edwin C. May
  • Reflections on the Future of Scientific Investigations of Psi Phenomena by Alexander Moreira-Almeida
  • Coherent Consciousness: Probing the Edges of What We Know by Roger Nelson
  • Memoirs of an Elder Statesman: Looking Back from 2037 by Vernon M. Neppe
  • “The Nearer Your Destination, the More You Are Slip Slidin’ Away” (Paul Simon, 1977) by Adrian Parker
  • Possible Futures for Parapsychology by Alejandro Parra
  • Psi-mediated Optimism and the Future of Parapsychology by Dean Radin
  • Parapsychology in the Next 25 Years—Still a Butterfly Science? by Chris Roe
  • From Parapsychology to Postmaterialist Psychology: The Emerging Integrative Science of Consciousness, Spirit, and Soul by Gary E. Schwartz
  • Nonlocality and Parapsychology in 2038 by Stephan A. Schwartz
  • What is Exceptional Psychology? by Christine Simmonds-Moore
  • Imagery Cultivation vs. Noise Reduction: Psi from Opposing Perspectives by Lance Storm & Adam J. Rock
  • Parapsychology: Continuing an Odd and Rejected Anomaly or Engaging with HumanSpirituality? by Charles T. Tart
  • 2037—XVII International Conference on Nonlocal Mental Applications by Patrizio Emmanuele Tressoldi
  • Integration or Independence? by Caroline Watt
  • The Paradoxical Disappearance of Parapsychology in Brazil by Wellington Zangari & Fatima Regina Machado
  • A Summary and My Own Perspective by John Palmer

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