Volume 77/ Number 2 Fall 2013


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Physicalism  Robert S. Gebelein


Abstracts of Presented Papers from the Parapsychological Association 56th Annual Convention, Virterbo, Italy, August 8–11, 2013


RSPK and Consciousness  William G. Roll (deceased) and William T. Joines

A Critical Test of the EMF-Paranormal Phenomena Theory: Evidence froma Haunted Site without Electricity-Generating Fields  Brian R. Laythe and Kay Owen

Methedology for Confirmatory Experiments on Psysiological Measures of Precognitive Anticipation  J. E. Kennedy

Shamanic-like Journeying and Psi Signal Detection: II Phenomenological Dimensions  Adam J. Rock, Lance Storm, Kylie Harris, and Harris L. Friedman

Floating Sensations Prior to Sleep and Out-of-Body Experiences  Alexander De Foe, George Van Doorn, and Mark Symmons

Into the Unknown: Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to Explore Personal Accounts of Paranormal Experiences  Ken Drinkwater, Neil Dagnall, and Lauren Bate


Telephone Calls from the Dead: A Revised Look at the Phenomenon Thirty Years On
By Callum E Cooper.  Mark Bocuzzi

Science, the Self, and Survival After Death: Selected Writings of Ian Stevenson
Edited by Emily Wiliams Kelly  James G. Matlock

Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections, Esprit Volume 2
Edited by Rosemarie Pilkington  Philip S. Morse

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