A special film for ONE DAY ONLY: Death Makes Life Possible, Friday, March 20
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Lisa Bennett
Bonnie Albright
Steve Barrell
Benton Bogle
Barbara Ensrud
Sally Feather
Judith Gadd
Anette LePoris
John Palmer
Ben Perry
Debi Pratt

Dave Roberts
Sandra Shelton
Bob Gebelein
George Matthis
Pamela St. John
Peggie Feddersen
Blythe Follett-Colon
Jennifer Moore
Susan Massey
Joe Keilholz
Sarasvati Ishaya

Lynette Minnich
Brian Eden
Karen Baumer
Dave Parent
Susan Freeman
Leslie Richard
Brenda Lemus
Kimberly Dawson
Cindy Nigro
Maria & Nick Morano

Hui Son
Grant Hollander
Pam Markowski
Tanya Riemer
Pat Simmons
Buck Simmons
Shana Hawkins
Joan Worth
DeeDee Meier


Volunteer Hours = $$Rhine Dollars$$

For every hour you volunteer at the Rhine you can earn 2 $$Rhine Dollars$$. Volunteers have lots of opportunities to contribute to producing our programs, archival work, office and library work etc.

To keep track of your volunteer hours please pick up a Volunteer Hour Log from Lisa. Each volunteer is responsible for tracking their own hours.

Rhine dollars can be used to attend events, take workshops, or buy books, t-shirts, caps or Zener cards.

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality