A Message of Thanks from the Rhine
John G. Kruth, Executive Director; December, 2017

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

RhineSign 1This is the time of year when we at the Rhine Research Center give thanks to all of our colleagues, friends, and supporters for their wonderful contributions to the community and field of parapsychology over the past year. This is also the time when we ask for your support in our continuing efforts to lead the world in the pursuit of better understanding ESP and other psi experiences.

The Rhine Research Center is a beacon for many people and provides information and education to a diverse, world-wide community of those seeking to better understand our relationship with the universe. Your contributions have helped us to serve our members and provide groundbreaking research to the scientific community in many ways.

  • Educational events - Speakers from around the world including Bill Bengston, Henry Reed, Jeannie Whyte, Christopher Laursen, Jon Seskevich, Larry Burk, and many others.

  • Monthly meetings - The Psychic Experiences Group (PEG), the Dream Studies Group, and our weekly, open research meetings.

  • The Alex Tanous Research Library - Includes thousands of volumes and journals to help educators, writers, and other seekers to learn more about consciousness studies.

  • www.rhine.org – Live broadcasts of parapsychology events, media library, and other information.

  • The Journal of Parapsychology - The premier, international, peer-reviewed research journal in consciousness studies and the official journal of the Parapsychological Association.

  • The Rhine Education Center - Provides one of the most complete and professional ONLINE certificate programs available to students and experiencers who want to learn from an organization with a high level of integrity in the field of parapsychology.

  • And of course, first-rate research which has been the hallmark of the Rhine for generations. Current projects are exploring the nature and mechanisms of healing; both conscious and unconscious mind-matter interaction & poltergeist activity; precognition in children; how to improve ESP performance in the laboratory; and the energies of the body that may lead us to better understand energy healing, chi, prana, and other mysteries that have evaded scientific detection for centuries.

SusanJGK croppedThe Rhine community needs your help to continue to provide these valuable services and even more in 2018. Please take a moment to join us with your generous tax deductible contribution to the Rhine in this time of giving and support. Click here to contribute now, or join our community as a Rhine member.

The Rhine is a positive voice and a light of hope for many people around the world. By supporting the Rhine we can work together to share this light and allow it to continue to shine brightly for many years.

Our heartfelt thanks.