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Volume 81, Number 1 : Spring 2017

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Table of Contents


Whither Parapsychology?
Etzel Cardeña


Individual Difference Correlates of Psi Performance in Forced-choice Precognition Experiments: A Meta-analysis (1945-2016)
Marco Zdrenka and Marc Stewart Wilson

Bem’s “Feeling the Future” (2011) Five Years Later: Its Impact on Scientific Literature
Bruno A. Silva and Gabrielle Poeschl

Anomalous Cognition, Dissociation, and Motor Automatism
John Palmer

Experimenter Fraud: What Are Appropriate Methodological Standards?
J. E. Kennedy



Discussion on Methodology of Water Crystal Formation as a Detection System for Psi
Hideyuki Kokubo, Yasuyuki Nemoto and Kimiko Kawano



The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing
By Paul H. Smith
Angela Ford

Ki or Psi - Anomalous Remote Effects of Mind-body System: Biophysical Approach to Unknown Power
By Hideyuki Kokubo
John G. Kruth

Psychic Phenomena and the Brain: Exploring the Neuropsychology of Psi
By Bryan J. Williams
James D. Lane


Instructions for Authors

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Extraordinary Experiences

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