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Plan Now For A Gift In The Future...

Many persons desiring to donate to their favorite non-profit organization may want to establish giving plans while they are living in order to be assured that the funds they wish to donate will be available at a future time after their death. This technique is commonly called "planned giving." The financial arrangements of donors certainly vary but there are enough unique methods for planned giving to assist most interested donors.

Most individuals may want to make planned giving arrangements through their own qualified accountant or attorney although if a potential donor favors planned giving and has no financial advisor of his own, the Rhine Center can help with recommending appropriate professional help.

Here are a few of the popular and proven methods that are commonly used to establish a planned giving program:

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST: This method allows an individual to make a substantial gift of his or her assets in a current time period and yet retain the income from these assets during his or her lifetime. Upon death, the assets would then pass to the non-profit institution.

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST: The income from the assets, often in the form of an annuity, is distributed to the non-profit on a current basis.

BEQUESTS BY WILL: This is a common technique for passing assets to a non-profit. Will bequests need to be formalized, however, through the use of an Estate Note. It is still possible for the donor to make changes in his/her will as time goes on, but if an Estate Note has been prepared and signed, the planned donation to the non-profit remains unchanged.

LIFE INSURANCE: In most instances a cash value life insurance can be used as a donation by having the non-profit simply listed as the beneficiary. Another way of giving might be from the sale of old policies that have been in existence for many years to a settlement company, and then donating the cash value proceeds to the non-profit.

IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVERS: This is a recent provision which allows individuals 70 ½ years or older to contribute up to $100,000 from their IRA to a qualified non-profit institution.

OTHER: There are a number of other ways of planned giving that qualified consultants can help to explain as well as implement for the would-be donor to the Rhine Center. Nearly all of the various methods of donating have very attractive income tax features., but a potential donor should always review his/her plans for giving with a tax advisor in order to obtain the most favorable income tax treatment.

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