Are psychic experiences real? Do you have questions about the science behind your beliefs? Is there proof for ESP, Out of Body Experiences, Mind-to-Matter Interaction, or Life After Death?

Now you can learn more about the science of parapsychology from a professional in the field. 

Ask a Parapsychologist is a weekly feature from the Rhine where your questions are answered by a trained scientist.  One question will be selected each week.  Click here to send your question to the Rhine scientists.

By John G. Kruth, Executive Director, Rhine Research Center


Parapsychology is a topic that is often misunderstood.  Many people have questions about ESP and the scientific evidence that exists for different phenomena.  As a brief introduction, let me mention the topics that parapsychologists study:

- Telepathy (communication between people)

- Clairvoyance (getting infomformation about objects that are hidden or distant)

- Precognition (getting information through time, especially from the future)

These three phenomena together are called Extrasensory Perception or ESP.

- PK or Psychokinesis (mind-matter interaction)

- Survival Issues (any indication that the personality, character, spirit, or soul exists outside of the physical body)

Survival issues include:

- Mediumship (spirit communication)

- Near Death Experiences

- Out of Body Experiences

- Hauntings

- Ghosts

- Apparitions

If you have questions on any of these topics (especially related to the science around these topics), you can submit them to the Rhine Research Team.