A Jungian approach to Parapsychology with Ken Turner, PhD.

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What does Jungian psychology have to offer to Parapsychology?

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In Jung’s model people are born with a direction of growth or pattern of natural development determined and guided by the Self – a Jungian term defined as both the center of the psyche and an interior image of God.  Jung was clear that he could only speak of observable things and not “reality.”  He acknowledged Kant’s distinction between phenomena – what we perceive, and noumena – the things as they “really” are.

Like parapsychology, which attempts to study the things we can observe that are not readily accounted for by the materialistic concepts of physical science, Jung sought to include the full spectrum of human experience, and not just what could be modeled by limited conventional notions of what was “real”.

Carl Jung and J. B. Rhine had many interests in common and considerable correspondence exists between them.  Jung was delighted to see targeted scientific research on phenomena he had noticed in his work with patients.  He coined the term “Synchronicity” for this strange interaction between inner states and external events that seemed to correspond to those states.  He defined Synchronicity as “an acausal connecting principle.”  By this he meant that there seemed to be no physical relation between the two ends of the relationship, but instead a relationship of meaning. 

A review of the techniques and concepts of Jungian psychology will be given, with suggestions of how these may be applied in parapsychological research. 

Biographical Information

Kenneth Turner brings a variety of life experience to his current interests. He earned a PhD in Physics (Princeton, 1962), an MA in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (University of West Georgia, 2007), and passed the National Counselors exam at that time. He has been an astronomer, an administrator, a federal bureaucrat, vice-president for research at a high tech start-up company, a college professor, an entrepreneur, and a psychotherapist. He has married, helped raise children (his own and others), lived abroad, been widowed twice, and retired, also twice. Kenneth holds certifications in the Body Centered Transformation work of Gay and Katlyn Hendricks, and in the Enneagram approach of Kathy Hurley and Theodore Donson. He is an authorized facilitator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Conscious Aging program and has been involved with Jungian psychology for more than fifty years.


June 1st, 2018 7:00 PM   through   9:00 PM
The Episcopal Center at Duke University
505 Alexander Ave.
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 919 309 4600
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