Near Death Experiences; Research, Evidence and, After Effects: A panel with Diane Corcoran, Robert and Suzanne Mays, and Yvonne Sneeden

Near Death Experiences ( NDEs) have been reported since the time of Plato. Thousands of cases have been reported, most with astounding outcomes.


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Researchers have compiled remarkable experiences from people worldwide which supports the idea that the mind is capable of assimilating information at the time of physical death that can be recounted upon resuscitation.

Diane Corcoran, a field nurse in the military from Viet Nam through Desert Storm, attended to soldiers who reported unexplainable visions, afraid to share what they perceived. Robert and Suzanne Mays will share results from their 15 years of NDE research, and Yvonne Sneeden, an experiencer, will describe some of the baffling aftereffects of individuals as they try to return to life after death.

Biographical Information

Dr. Diane K. Corcoran served in the Army Nurse Corps for 25 years, starting in Vietnam and ending as the Chief Administrator, Frankfurt Army Medical Center, during Desert Storm. During the 25 years she served in the military, she held a variety of positions from Staff Nurse, Director of Education and Nursing Supervisor to Commander of the 86th Combat Support Hospital (CSH). During her time in the service, she also completed a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate in Nursing Management. After retiring from the military, she became the Director for Medical Services for a technology company that specialized in documentation of injuries during combat. She also worked for several health care consulting companies that were contracted by the Department of Defense.

Dr. Corcoran is an International expert in the care and support of people who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and is especially interested in service members and veterans who have had NDEs. She has lectured nationally and internationally for over 40 years on the importance of health care professionals understanding NDEs.


Robert and Suzanne Mays have studied the phenomena related to near-death experiences (NDEs) together for over 40 years, although neither has had a near-death experience. They have also extensively studied anthroposophy and the works of Rudolf Steiner, and were involved in founding the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC




A deep emotional life crisis, and an involuntarily overdose of medications for arrhythmia lead to Yvonne Sneeden's 2 Near-Death Experiences. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which Yvonne visited a part of the place she calls ‘Heaven’ where she had a magnificent encounter with Christ and other angelic being.Since her profound experience, Yvonne is striving to bring the elements of the NDE into her daily life and in her interaction with others. She feels it is important to share what she learned from her NDE experience and bring the All Loving Presence she experienced in heaven to help each and every one of us to live a happier life here in the now.

Prior to her NDE,  Yvonne’s professional career background includes working in the foreign diplomatic service in Europe and a lobby to the European Union. Through the course of her career, she realized that regardless of the level of social and public influence people exercise, we are all on a journey towards learning how to love.

Yvonne currently works for an IT company as a global Operations Manager. She is also Group leader of IANDS Raleigh, NC and the executive co-producer together with Robert Neal Marshall of “Back From The Light”, a film-documentary focusing on the near death experience survivors and the after effects.


April 24th, 2020 7:00 PM   through   9:00 PM
Episcopal Center at Duke University
505 Alexander Avenue
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 919-309-4600
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