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NDE research, consciousness research
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This entry is for both Robert Mays and Suzanne Mays. We conduct our research and publish jointly. Our research interests primarily deal with NDEs as evidence for how consciousness is generated in the human being, how the apparently autonomous self-conscious mind operates in the brain and body. Our research leads into neurological phenomena such as phantom limbs, NDE phenomena such as interaction of the mind with physical phenomena during NDE OBE, and verification of apparent veridical perceptions (AVPs) during NDE.

Our current experimental work is with a phantom limb subject, exploring how the phantom limb field interacts with another person's body and the light that may be given off by a phantom limb field.

Our current theoretical work involves defining how the field of the mind can interface with the brain, focusing on apical dendritic structures in layer 1 which originate in layer 3 (for brain to mind interactions) and layer 5 (for mind to brain interactions).
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