Institutional Subscribers may use the following form to submit IP addresses from which the Journal may be downloaded for their institutions.

You may submit up to 10 IP addresses using this form. If you need more than this, or a different type of setup, please contact the webmaster.

Please expect at least one business day before download access is available after submitting this form. If you require additional IP addresses, please submit additional forms.


* Entering IP address ranges

You can enter IP address ranges in the above form, by one of the following methods.

1. Including all values in a range (i.e., 0 - 255)

Enter either blank " " or an asterisk "*"  (without quotes) for the value of the address block. (Note: be sure to remove the default zero "0" from the block.)


  • the IP number 10.20.30.* is equivalent to the range from to
  • the IP number 10.20 (last two blocks empty) is equivalent to the range from to

2. Including only some values in a range

Use a hyphen "-" to indicate a range of addresses.


  • the IP number is equivalent to the range from to