Rhine Research Center Media Library

About 24 times a year, the Rhine has famous scientists, PSI experiencers, writers, and cultural experts speak about their work and experiences with PSI and the field of parapsychology.  This is a small sample of the Friday night talks given at the Rhine.

The full library of speaker talks are available to Rhine members in the Members' Media Library.  Rhine members: please log in with your user id and password to see the complete list of media selections.

Title Speaker Date
Being an Empath in These Challenging Times Gulick, Donna 15 February 2019
How to Choose a Psychic with Loyd Auerbach Auerbach, Loyd 16 November 2018
ESP Events in Psychotherapy with Jim Carpenter Carpenter, James 27 July 2018
Exploring Shamanism with Dr. Larry Burk Burk, Dr. Larry 25 January 2019
Esoteric Psychology with Josiane d'Hoop d'Hoop, Josianne 10 October 2018
Animal ESP & Animal Communication 13 July 2018
PK Is Real: New Findings from the Rhine Research Center Kruth, John 15 June 2018
Jungian Theory & Parapsychology Turner, Kenneth, PhD 01 June 2018
NDE Panel - The Experience and After Effects of Near Death Experiences Sneeden, Yvonne 23 June 2017
Healing, Biophotons, and PK at the Rhine Kruth, John 18 March 2016
Manifesting Your Life d'Hoop, Josianne 05 February 2016
ESP Stories from the Rhine Feather, Dr, Sally Rhine 13 February 2015
The Impact of Near Death Experiences Corcoran, Diane 10 April 2015
Robert Monroe: The Man with the Wild Talent McMoneagle, Nancy 05 September 2014
Mind, Matter, and Consciousness: PK in the Past, Present, and Future Watkins, Graham 23 May 2014
Carlos S. Alvarado and Phil Morse Speak of Historic Mediums Alvarado, Carlos 26 July 2013
The Nature of the Near Death Experience featuring IANDS IANDS - International Assoc. of Near Death Studies 11 April 2014
Being a Medium: Kathe Martin & Penny Summers Martin, Kathe 25 October 2013
Panel Discussion: The Nature of PSI 30 November 2012
Roger Nelson Discusses Global Consiousness Nelson, Dr. Roger 02 November 2012
First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life Carpenter, James 01 June 2012
Mara Bishop- Spiritual Healing, Personal Evolution & Shamanism Bishop, Mara 26 August 2011