Is healing the result of biophotons?  Are healers able to demonstrate PK?  How are healing, PK, and biophotons related?  There are many ideas and theories about healing and PK, and the Rhine lab is examining these relationships using controlled studies.
 John G. Kruth, will discuss the current research projects at the Rhine and talk about the relationship between healing, PK, and biophotons.
Topics will include
  • What is healing and how do we describe types of healing?
  • An approach to healing: The Bengston Healing method
  • Practical experiences with this method at the Rhine
  • An exploration of the Rhine Bioenergy Lab
  • Discussions of PK (mind-matter interaction) research at the Rhine
  • Is healing a form of PK?
  • What are biophotons and how are they related to PK and healing?