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Larry Burk, MD, Moderator, Radiologist, Intuitive Diagnosis Researcher
Leon Curry, MD, Internist, Intuitive Diagnosis Researcher
Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, EdD, Intuitive Healer
Brent Atwater, Intuitive Healer

This panel discussion will review historical examples of intuitive medical diagnosis, summarize the scientific literature to date and provide case histories from physicians and intuitives. The ability to diagnose illness without physical examination, history or medical technology has been frequently reported, but there has been little quality research to validate this diagnostic approach. Discussion on this panel will be useful in providing detailed information about the process and in planning future research projects.

Historically, Edgar Cayce was the most famous intuitive diagnostician with records of thousands of cases on file at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. He would be given the name and location of a patient in a trance state and claimed to access the Akashic Records to obtain medical information. Intuitive diagnosis is discussed in many other historical contexts, but Dr. John Elliotson was the first physician to attempt to research the phenomenon in 1838 by reporting his experiences with the Okey sisters. Since that time, 7 formal research studies have been performed, only 3 of which were published in the medical literature. The studies are of variable quality and design. The largest body of research to date has been by neurosurgeon Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, founder of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, but it has only been published in book form without peer review. Larry Burk, MD, will report on his case studies with Caroline Myss, PhD, and other intuitives, as well as a Rhine pilot project with 7 intuitives from North Carolina. Leon Curry, MD, will report on his experience evaluating the intuitive diagnostic abilities of Greta Alexander.