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Jean Hamilton, MD, PhD, Moderator, Integrative Physician, Psychologist
James Carpenter, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Parapsychology Researcher
Deborah Quevedo, RN, MA, Holistic Nurse, Ayahuasca Researcher
Lenore Wiand, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Shamanic Flute Practitioner

Panelists will explore three types of experiences that appear to enhance psychic phenomenon:
Psychospiritual aspects of Amazonian traditional healing, including use of sacred plants, ayahuasca (Quevedo); Perceptions of interconnectedness and expanded states of awareness stimulated by listening to Sacred/Shamanic flute music (Wiand); and "Flow", a highly intuitive state often found in games, sports and creative activities (Hamilton). The presentations will include listening to Sacred/Shamanic flute music. Discussion will be moderated by experts in psychobiology and parapsychology research.