Are we Converging toward Global Consciousness
Roger Nelson

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What would it mean to you, to your family, your community, and ultimately the world, to know that we humans are interconnected? Even though we can't directly measure the bonds, the evidence from the science of Parapsychology, and the data gathered by the GCP says we are linked -- to each other and to the world at large. The evidence suggests that humans have subtle connections like those of neurons, which link to each other in collaborative and coherent activities.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) now has 14 years of experience: data collection, analysis, and interpretation. We'll sample the history of the Project and look for meaning and for implications that are clear and important.

The foundation of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is in earlier work, and there is a natural progression from laboratory experiments like those of J. B. Rhine,to the relatively modern experimental work of Helmut Schmidt, Robert Jahn,Dean Radin and Daryl Bem. We'll look at this lineage,especially the technology of random number generator (RNG) experiments and its extension into the natural environment as "FieldREG" studies of group consciousness.

We'll take a conceptual leap toward the possibility that there is a burgeoning global consciousness arising from deep-lying unconscious interconnections. The evidence for this evolutionary development is found, like that from laboratory studies, in small but statistically reliable departures from expectation in well-controlled experiments; results which are outside the normal realm we know how to explain. The importance of such evidence is profound, and it is disproportionate to its apparent fragility.

When humans are brought by external forces or by internal motivations to a synchronized and coherent state there is a new, creative presence in the world. It is not yet a consciousness in the sense of being awake and aware (as far as we know), but it confirms the perennial wisdom that we are one. It shows that when we are in an interconnected state the world does change. We collectively create something that would not exist without our presence, a global consciousness.

Roger Nelson,
Global Consciousness Project