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75% of Americans believe in the paranormal and 30% believe they have had a personal encounter with a deceased person. The overwhelming majority of these encounters are reported as being comforting, healing, and positive. Yet in spite of this we still fear death. So much so that we euphemize it by calling it passing away or crossing over, anything to avoid speaking the word, “Death”. Kathe Martin had been a professional psychic for five years and had remained skeptical of the channeling concept until 1993 when during a Tarot reading the deceased boyfriend of the woman receiving the reading dropped in to say hello. Three years later during a workshop on Shamanism led by Michael Harner she was told her mission as a healer was to work with the dead and dying. Since this time spontaneous communications from those on the other side would frequently come through during readings and in 2006 she began holding monthly afterlife communications events in Greensboro, NC.

Join us for this enlightening evening while we explore the positive side of the death experience including how to recognize and encourage communications from your deceased loved ones, why some people are more receptive to these communications than others, how to understand the language of spirit, why we fear death and why we don’t have to, and what crossing over experiences you can expect in the presence of a dying person and what to do about them – all from the perspective of a medium who regularly communicates with the dead. She will also discuss why we shouldn’t refer to it as the “other side” and the impact of the Hollywood effect.

Kathe uses psychometry, the art of divining information about people associated with an object solely by touching it, in her intuitive readings with individuals and as a portion of her process to connect with the other side. Kathe will invite members of the audience to volunteer personal objects, i.e. a piece of jewelry or keys, etc., to be read at the conclusion of the evening in a demonstration of psychometry. Her website is KatheMartin.com.
Currently, Dr. Alvarado holds an adjunct appointment at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology as well as a faculty appointment at the University of Virginia as Assistant Professor of Research in Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the Division of Perceptual Studies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

About 24 times a year, the Rhine has famous scientists, PSI experiencers, writers, and cultural experts speak about their work and experiences with PSI and the field of parapsychology.  This is a small sample of the Friday night talks given at the Rhine.

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