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Henry Reed received his Ph.D. with Honors in Experimental Psychodynamics from U.C.L.A. in 1970, which affirmed Sherlock Holmes’ speculation, recorded in Studies in Scarlett, that by intentionally forgetting unnecessary information, it is easier to remember what is essential. He began his academic career as Assistant Professor of Psychogy at Princeton University.

During a research sabbatical from Princeton, Henry served as a research consultant to Professor Carl G. Meir, at the C. G. Jung Dream Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland. When he returned to Princeton to resume his own research within A.R.E. communities, he invented a neo-shamanic, transpersonal paradigm to successfully create a demonstration of an ancient form of dreaming.

Henry was introduced to the general public in 1989 when Simon & Schuster published the book Night and Day: Use the Power of Your Dreams to Transform Your Life. The author, Jack Maguire, wrote in that book, “By common agreement, the father of the dreamwork movement is Henry Reed.”

In 1994, when he published his research, “Intimacy and ESP,” in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, the editor, Rhea White, Ph.D., described Henry’s shifting the focus of ESP from brain waves to intimacy as “the dark star of parapsychology.”
Henry has served in various capacities at A.R.E., including Director of Research, Director of the Library, as well as Venture Inward Psi Research Editor. Henry is currently Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. His research focus is to create reliable, meaningful and useful demonstrations of the use of intuition to “normalize the paranormal” within society.

Henry lives a quiet mountain life with his wife, Janis, horses, goats, and a burro, on “Flying Goat Ranch,” named after Henry’s first dream upon being introduced to Edgar Cayce in 1967.

For more information, see henryreed.com

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About 24 times a year, the Rhine has famous scientists, PSI experiencers, writers, and cultural experts speak about their work and experiences with PSI and the field of parapsychology.  This is a small sample of the Friday night talks given at the Rhine.

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