Are psychic experiences real? Do you have questions about the science behind your beliefs? Is there proof for ESP, Out of Body Experiences, Mind-to-Matter Interaction, or Life After Death?

Now you can learn more about the science of parapsychology from a professional in the field. 

Ask a Parapsychologist is a weekly feature from the Rhine where your questions are answered by a trained scientist.  One question will be selected each week.  Click here to send your question to the Rhine scientists.

The Rhine Research Center is a non-profit research and educational organization devoted to the scientific study of the paranormal, those mysterious powers of the mind that seem to go beyond the known senses. Located off of Morreene Road in western Durham, North Carolina in a modern building designed specifically for research, the RRC is an independent center that continues the traditions and careful methodology that JB Rhine developed years ago at Duke University.

An Archive of Popular Topics Parapsychology Education and Careers in Parapsychology Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Psychokinesis Theories and Concepts Survival, Mediumship and Afterlife Out of Body Experiences (OBE's) Near Death Experiences (NDE's) Reincarnation Poltergeists Hauntings, Ghost Reports, Apparitions Dowsing Metal Bending Psi in Criminal Investigations Skepticism and Criticism

Videos -excerpts from the Thinking Allowed video collection on YouTube. Many of these videos were originally funded by the Intuition Network years ago. The excerpts include segments on consciousness, healing, new science, human development, spirituality, depth psychology, philosophy and parapsychology.

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From its beginning in 1937, the Journal of Parapsychology has been recognized worldwide as an authoritative resource for anyone interested in the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. J. B. Rhine and William McDougall of the famed Duke University Parapsychology Lab established the Journal of Parapsychology to share experimental research findings with the scientific community. Their strict criteria for evaluating research reports remain in place today through peer review. In addition to professionally scrutinized articles about original research, the Journal of Parapsychology includes theoretical discussions, book reviews, correspondence, and abstracts of papers from the Parapsychological Association’s annual convention. Editor Etzel Cardeña maintains the tradition of thorough research and careful documentation in the Journal of Parapsychology today.

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Since 1935, the Duke Parapsychology Lab and now the Rhine Research Center has been exploring unusual experiences and exceptional phenomena that are typically difficult to capture in a laboratory environment.  Strict protocols and methodologies are the hallmark of research at the Rhine, and Rhine researchers continue to work with scientists from many disciplines to follow the evidence where it leads.

Explore the links below to learn about the current research that is being done at the Rhine labs and to understand why the Rhine continues to be an important force in the scientific community. 

Exploring the Science of the Future

The Rhine Research Center has been conducting research in the field of parapsychology and anomalous experiences since 1927.  Current research work extends to all areas of parapsychology and includes researchers from numerous disciplines. 

This page provides information for researchers and for people who believe they are having experiences that could benefit the research work being done at the Rhine. 


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