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Extra-Sensory Perception after Sixty Years, J. B. Rhine, Pratt, Smith and Stuart, 1966 (c. 1940). Referred to by J.B. Rhine in his preface to the 1966 edition as ESP-60, a collaboration by Rhine and fellow research scientists outlining methods of paranormal research prior to 1940. Condition: hardcover, used, good $25 

Experimental Designs, Cochran, William G. and Gertrude Cox. NY: Wiley & Sons 1950 Written in the 1940s, an exploration of statistical design of the day. $20

Advances in Parapsychological Research 3, Krippner, Stanley, ed. NY: Plenum Press 1982. Contributions from Robert Morris, William Roll, Gertrude Schmeidler Robert van de Castle, Sally Drucker and others. Includes article on PK, ESP findings. Hardcover, Condition: very good $75
Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul, F. Holmes Atwater Charlottesville: Hampton Roads 2001. Atwater’s account of participation in the Stargate remote viewing project. Paperback, With CD Condition: like new $22

The Odyssey of a Psychologist, J. E. Wallace Wallin Self-published paperback 1955 Autobiography of a clinical psychologist in the public education systems in Pittsburgh, Delaware and elsewhere in the U.S. Condition: good $15

The Psychic Thread, Elizabeth Mintz, 1983. Gertrude Schmeidler, consultant. Psychotherapy and the paranormal. Condition: hardcover, excellent $20

Croiset the Clairvoyant, the Story of the Amazing Dutchman, Jack Harrison Pollock, 1964 condition: hardcover, good, slightly damaged jacket cover $15

Psychology in Product Liability and Personal Injury Litigation, Martin I. Kurke, Robert G. Meyer, 1986 condition: hardcover, very good $35

D. D. Home, His Life and Mission, Madame Douglas Home, 1921 Introduction by A. Conan Doyle Home (pronounced Hume) was a British psychic of the late 19th century; Tolstoy, Darwin, Alexander Dumas, Sir William Crookes, Napoleon III were some of the figures of the day who met with him. Condition: hardcover, worn but good $35

Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, Vol. II, F.W. H. Myers, 1903 660 pages with index and appendices. Volume 2 of Myers’ 2-volume compendium of afterlife researches of the late 1800s. condition: hardcover, worn but good and intact $120

Events on the Threshold of the Afterlife, Robert Crookall, 1967 The author’s collection of reports of our-of-body experiences as well as occurrences at the moment of death. Condition: hardcover, worn but intact, published in India. Rare: $80

The Quimby Manuscripts, Harold W. Dresser, ed., 1961. Quimby was an American mesmerist of the late 19th century whose manuscripts are considered the precursor to Christian Science and were brought to light by Mary Baker Eddy. Condition: hardcover w/dustjacket, excellent $25 SOLD!

Advances in Parapsychological Research #8, Stanley Krippner, ed. Reports documenting evidence of ESP from contributors such as A. Drewes, Krippner, R. Pilkington, D. Stokes, with bibliography of books on parapsychology books. Condition: hardcover, like new $70