A Message from John G. Kruth, Executive Director of the Rhine
December, 2013

The Science Behind Your Beliefs
A new world is opening up before our eyes.  Scientists are identifying new connections between human consciousness and the reality of the material world.  The boundaries of our scientific knowledge are being tested by new findings in physics, biology, parapsychology, and medicine.  Throughout this process, the Rhine Research Center has been instrumental in providing a beacon of exploration beyond our established knowledge base and following the evidence where it will take us.  Parapsychologists all over the world look to the Rhine for information about the foundations of consciousness research and for inspiration on where we should look for the next important discovery that will help us to better understand the nature of man.
JGKHead062013As I look back over the previous year I realize how far the Rhine has come.  Our small Durham based research center has opened up new possibilities and extended our reach to the entire world.  In 2013, in one of the largest parapsychological gatherings ever seen in Durham, over 300 people attended a talk by Eben Alexander at the Rhine, and an additional 100 people watched this presentation live over the internet.   Biweekly Friday night talks are now being simulcast over the internet and they continued to be the hallmark of the Rhine with such luminaries as Ed May, Joe McMoneagle, Julia Assante, Larry Dossey, Paul Smith, Joanne DiMagggio, and Mellen-Thomas Benedict.  The Rhine community continues to grow and to provide a safe and educational environment for the discussion of Psi experiences.
Scientific research has always been the foundation of the Rhine, and 2014 will be no exception.  Over the next year, the researchers at the Rhine will expand their research efforts to include a focus on the survival of the human spirit beyond the physical form.  This work will be an extension of the current research work being done in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab and the studies into the nature of Out of Body Experiences.  Building on previous research, the Rhine scientists will use their years of expertise to explore this fascinating and mysterious topic using strict scientific methods with an academic approach.
You have shown your commitment to the Rhine in the past, and now we need your support more than ever before to pursue our new research initiatives and to continue to lead the world into the new era of consciousness, setting a standard for future research into the survival of the human spirit.  As we approach the end of the year, please consider making a contribution to support the Rhine or join the Rhine as a Sustaining Member.  Sustaining Members provide a monthly contribution to the Rhine to help us to plan our activities in the coming year and to continue to provide the most reliable information available about the field of parapsychology. 
Please take a moment to go to www.rhine.org to become a sustaining member of the Rhine today.  The Rhine has grown because of your support.  Help us to continue to bring this beacon of hope and reason to the world.  Support what you believe.  Support the Rhine.
John G. Kruth
Executive Director
Rhine Research Center