A Greeting from the Rhine Research Center
John G. Kruth, Executive Director of the Rhine
December, 2014


The Science Behind What We Believe

When I think about the Rhine Research Center, my mind first goes to the history of the Rhine family and the role that the parapsychology laboratory has played in the history of science, the legacy of Duke University, and the importance of the Rhine to building a reputation for the city of Durham. Many people may not know that the Rhine was strongly courted by the city of Durham in 1964 as J.B. Rhine was deciding whether to move the parapsychology lab to Virginia or to keep the work rooted in Durham, near Duke University.

As the Durham Morning Herald stated in October of 1964:

“[Interest in the parapsychology lab] represents man’s inquiring nature, in this case in an area the frontiers of which have been barely penetrated, but an area of vital concern to man, the area of his real being and innermost thought, the area of the mind.”

The article continues:

“… here is an opportunity for Durham to become the center for the development of a new field of knowledge of the utmost consequence in the understanding of man and human personality.”

As history has recorded, the parapsychology lab founded by J.B. Rhine remained in Durham and brought attention and recognition to Durham for many years. Today the Rhine continues to pursue the original mission of the parapsychology laboratory to produce state of the art and groundbreaking research which explores the nature of man and our relationship to the world.

But the Rhine has grown beyond the Durham city limits and its role as a research center. Educational events and academic courses are now broadcast across the world by the Rhine using modern technologies, and the small community of people in Durham has become a worldwide community of researchers, psi experiencers, and enthusiastic people interested in the science behind paranormal and unexplained experiences. The Rhine is growing in stature and returning to a level of activity that has not been seen for many years.

As we grow as an organization to offer more educational events, community activities, and research opportunities, so do our funding needs grow. The Rhine community has always provided wonderful support for the laboratory, and current Rhine supporters once again have an opportunity to help the Rhine Research Center to become the center for the development of a new field of knowledge.

As we approach the end of another highly successful and exciting year at the Rhine, please consider increasing your level of support for the Rhine. You may make a contribution on our website at http://www.rhine.org/contribute/ways-to-give.html or contact the Rhine office by phone at 919-309-4600 with a commitment to provide additional support for the Rhine. Consider the importance of the Rhine to the scientific community and to you personally, and take a moment to visit our website today.

Your consistent and enthusiastic support for the Rhine is always appreciated, and at this time of the year, it is most important to the Rhine. Thank you, and please accept my best wishes in this holiday season.


John G. Kruth
Executive Director
Rhine Research Center