A Message to the Rhine Community
John G. Kruth, Executive Director of the Rhine
December, 2016


The Science Behind What You Believe

The Rhine Research Center has long been a safe haven for searchers and a voice of scientific reason and authority regarding parapsychology. From the monthly meetings to the regular educational events, the Rhine provides the setting for a community that grows together and supports people as they gain the courage to seek the truth about their personal experiences.

I am writing today to ask for your support to help the Rhine continue to be a sanctuary for safe and honest conversation about psi and the paranormal and for your continued support of our speakers’ programs and research activities. Contributions from the Alex Tanous Foundation and the Maurin Foundation for Parapsychology have helped us begin projects to digitize our archives, develop the parapsychology library, and continue the outstanding speaker program that brought us such wonderful visitors as Joe McMoneagle and Laura Lynne Jackson, as well as a special event called Meet the Psychics in 2016.

Finishing its 5th year, the Rhine Education Center continues to provide students around the world with a professional atmosphere to learn more about parapsychology research and to build their skills. New research associates are joining the Rhine and exploring topics related to psi activity in children and the effects and nature of energy healing. They are quickly becoming the next generation of scientists who will help to preserve and advance the research being done today.

Support for the Rhine comes in many forms, so please be generous of spirit when you consider making the Rhine part of your year-end giving. Go to www.rhine.org or call the Rhine to make a donation or become a sustaining member. If you are already a sustaining member, consider increasing your monthly contribution by calling the Rhine or supplement it with a year-end check. Every contribution is a great gift for the Rhine, and we continue to grow because of people like you. We are always available to chat or answer any questions you may have.

Please provide your strong support for research, education, and community in this year-end fundraising appeal. Support what you believe. Support the Rhine.

Thank you, and best wishes during this holiday season.

John G. Kruth
Executive Director
Rhine Research Center