Become A Member of the Rhine Research Center!

5 Reasons to become a member of the Rhine Research Center:

1. The Rhine Research Center is a valuable educational resource:

"The Rhine Research Center is one of the very few resources I point to when people ask me where the authoritative centers or sources for Parapsychology are. With its long, illustrious history and current activities of public outreach, the RRC is incredibly important to the field of Parapsychology, and to anyone interested in psychic phenomena." --Loyd Auerbach, M.S.

2. The Rhine Research Center is a valuable resource for paranormal researches around the world:

"Following an illustrious history at the forefront of psi research, the Rhine Research Center continues to serve a vital function in the scientific community through on-going research and the publication of the peer-reviewed Journal of Parapsychology." --Julie Beischel, Ph.D.

3. Support scientific research:

"Almost a century ago, the Rhine Research Center pioneered scientific research into ESP. Today it serves as home and information central for a new generation of investigators exploring a dozen scientific anomalies, any of which, if confirmed, could shatter today's Science and our view of reality." --Michael Schmicker

4. Save Money:

If you enjoy coming to the programs and workshops at the Rhine Research Center you will soon see that becoming a member is a good way to save money!  Admissions to all events are discounted for members. And some of our regularly scheduled programs like the PEG Group (Psychic Experiencers Group) and the Remote Viewing Group are free to Rhine Members.

5. Improve Your Social Life:

Why sit home on the weekends when you could participate in exciting lectures, discussions and workshops with a very congenial group of people. Rhine members are often invited to Rhine social events also, like our Holiday Party.