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Videos -excerpts from the Thinking Allowed video collection on YouTube. Many of these videos were originally funded by the Intuition Network years ago. The excerpts include segments on consciousness, healing, new science, human development, spirituality, depth psychology, philosophy and parapsychology.


Carpenter, Jim Why Parapsychology Now?    Jeffrey Mishlove, The Roots of Consciousness

Radin, Dean The Conscious Universe, Look at Psychic Ability, New York: Delacourte, 2001

Tart, Charles T. Consciousness: A Psychological, Transpersonal and Parapsychological Approach

Utts, Jessica & Brian D. Josephson, The Paranormal: The Evidence and Its Implications for Consciousness     Education and Careers in Parapsychology

Auerbach, Loyd - Education in Parapsychology

Palmer, John - Careers and Education in Parapsychology   Energetic Healing Perspectives From Three Continents featuring Josiane D'Hoop, Donna Gulick, and Tomiko Smith - facilitated by Ben Perry (be patient this one takes a minute to start)   Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Feather, Sally Rhine:  Response to Requests for Demonstrations or Evaluations of Psi Ability


North Texas Skeptics, Extra-Sensory Perception Fact Sheet

Carpenter, Jim; How to be More Psychic -- Hints from many Ganzfeld ESP Studies

Drewes, Athena; Could My Child Be Psychic?

Drewes, Athens; Could My Child be Psychic?

Feather, Sally Rhine; Child-Parent Telepathy

Simmonds, Christine; Gender and Psi Revisited: Do Men and Women Differ in Psi Ability and/or Performance?       Psychokinesis


Theories and Concepts

Beloff, John; Could there be a physical explanation for psi?

Carpenter, Jim; ESP: First Sight or Second Sight?   Survival Mediumship and Afterlife

The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential

Arcangel, Diane; Evidence Toward Survival

Feddersen, Peggie and Ensrud, Barbara; Survival After Death - Some Classic Texts from the RRC Library.

Moreira-Almeida, Alexander; Are Mediumistic Experiences Related to Mental Disorders?

Moreira-Almeida, Alexander; Is There Life After Death? (book review)

Moreira-Almeida, Alexander; The Spiritualist View of Mental Disorders

Osis, Karlis; Life After Death

Rogge, Michael; Parapsychology and Personal Survival after Death   Out of Body Experiences (OBE's)

Levitan, L. & S LaBerge, Other Worlds: Out-of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams

Smed, J. A. Out of Body Experience FAQ (Link seems to be down currently)

Peterson, Robert Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have them and What to Expect   Near Death Experiences (NDE's)

Near-Death FAQ

Personal Accounts of Near-Death Experiences

An Introductory Analysis of the NDE (Near-Death Experience)   Reincarnation

Rawat, K.S. Interview with Dr. Ian Stevenson   Poltergeists


Roll, William; What About the Poltergeist? Hauntings, Ghost Reports, Apparitions

Auerbach, Loyd Things to Do (And Not Do) When Ghost-Hunting

Auerbach, Loyd On Photos of Ghosts and Orbs

Maher, Michaeleen C., Quantitative Investigation of the General Wayne Inn

Nickell, Joe, Ghostly Photos

Watkins, Graham; What to Do if You See a Ghost Dowsing

Hansen, George P. Dowsing: A Review of the Experimental Literature Metal Bending

Panati, Charles (ed.), The Geller Papers (1976)

Hasted, John B. The Metal Benders (1981) Psi in Criminal Investigations

Psychic Detective Work and Ghost Hunting with Anne Poole (Audio Interview, MP3 and Real Audio) Skepticism and Criticism

Skeptical Investigation website is a very good website, very informative and balanced, one that was started within the field by folks like Rupert Sheldrake concerned about distinguishing between the "good" and "bad skeptics. The "good" skeptics have generally helped the field advance and by helping to separate the wheat from the chaff for many of us, and in the old days to implement better research designs; we need them. Deepak Chopra - Woo Woo Is a Step Ahead of (Bad) Science

Skeptical Investigations - "Investigations with an Open-minded Spirit"

Carroll, Robert T. The Skeptic's Dictionary

Hansen, George P. CSICOP and the Skeptics: An Overview

Kurtz, Paul. The New Paranatural Paradigm