Introduction by Sally Rhine-Feather

 Psychic Dreams are the most common way that ESP or Psi information seems to come into consciousness, as noted by collectors of such reports around the world.  The Rhine Center has collected thousands of these reports, along with other types of psychic experiences from the waking state, that all bring unexpected information or sometimes provoke life-saving action for which the experiencer has no advance knowledge.   While often vivid, dramatic or frightening, psi dreams are not always noticeably different from the dreams or mild nightmares of ordinary life until later the dreamer realizes his dream has come true.  In some situations the dream seems to be a warning that may turn out to be life-saving or at least may serve to prepare the dreamer for bad news to come.

Here are five typical examples of recent psi dreams somewhat randomly selected from the large ongoing collection of psi experiences sent into the Rhine over the years, with only the identifying information changed to provide confidentiality.

Commentary by Kathe Martin 

Dreams continue to be the area of parapsychology that are considered to be the most predominant way in which most people receive spontaneous psychic or intuitive information.  As a psychic medium with now over 25 years of experience and having heard countless stories from hundreds of clients I question if that is entirely true.  One reason I think dreams are perceived to be the predominant way we receive psychic information is it feels safe.  We all have some familiarity with dreams, even those of us who claim we rarely remember our dreams.  And we know dreams are “real” because we experience them.  Dreams are the bridge between the perceived solid, brick and mortar certainty of our physical reality and the often intangible, etheric realms that lie just beyond it.  Dreams are the part of that etheric realm that we can “touch”.  Another reason we access psychic information in dreams is that this information is more readily accessed when we are in an altered state of consciousness, which is what the dream state is.  While science still has much to learn about the nature, mechanics, and purpose of dreams it is certainly true that dreams continue to fascinate and confound us and on occasion bring us inexplicable and sometimes even life saving information. 

In honor of dream month at the Rhine we chose five cases to examine and explore their similarities and differences.  Three of the five cases concerned dreams pertaining to some kind of imminent stress or danger pertaining to a close family member.   The other two dreams warned of a future catastrophic event, one personal, and one global.

In the first case Donald was visiting a foreign county and woke suddenly in the middle of the night with an overwhelming urge to speak to a family member back home.  Donald called home to learn the family member had been taken to the hospital with a heart attack.  In the second Betty dreamt of searching for song lyrics to a song her now college age daughter had sung in elementary school.  The following day Betty received a phone call from her daughter who was several hundred miles away at college asking if she knew where she could find the song lyrics as she’d been searching the school library and could not find them.  In the third case Carol dreamt her mother died while driving.  In reality Carol’s parents were taking a road trip to visit her and bring her some of her belongings however they were driving separate vehicles.  For the entire trip Carol’s mother felt very sleepy while driving and drove with the window down to keep herself awake.  Upon arriving at Carol’s house when unpacking the trunk they discovered the car had been leaking lethal levels of carbon monoxide into the car causing Carol’s mother to feel sleepy and only the fresh air from the window had kept her from falling asleep and possibly crashing the car.

What are the similarities in these cases?  They all concerned a family member in some level of distress and that family member in each instance was a significant distance away.  This speaks to the theory of non-locality – what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance” – that psychic phenomena can transcend time and space, something that every authentic psychic simply takes for granted.  And we do seem to be hard-wired to some degree to be more sensitive to members of our immediate family.

The next two cases involve premonitory dreams.  The first is extraordinary because in it the dreamer was given the exact name of a town, although it came through in the dream as a street name, where she would experience a life threatening auto accident.  In this case the dreamer was able to utilize this information to actually avoid the accident.  Often in cases like this we like to believe the information was given to us from a higher source in an effort to help us, that a guide or guardian angel is looking out for us.  And perhaps that is the case.  Or perhaps during the dream our dreamer just somehow transcended our time-space dimension and saw with the foggy dreamer’s eye into that etheric realm where time is not locked into our perception of past-present-future and stumbled upon a vision that turned out to be advantageous.  These are questions we ponder and continue to seek the answers to. 

Our last case is one that is fairly common and also involves a premonitory dream.  Our dreamer, who claims to have a history of having minor premonitory dreams, in 1986 dreamt of the Challenger disaster and saw it in his dream just as it unfolded but before it happened.  Dreams predicting global disasters are fairly common.  There are literally thousands of reports from people who had some kind of dream awareness of 9/11 before it happened and these can be easily accessed on the internet.  Are those who have these dreams again possibly transcending the time-space dimension or are they perhaps tapping into a global consciousness, what Edgar Cayce called the Akashic records and what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious?  This dreamer reports an unusual although commonly reported perspective of seeing this event unfold as if he was there and viewing it through another person’s eyes.  As a medium who has on occasion allowed a spirit to enter and use my body to communicate it does make me wonder if this is something our living dreamer managed to accomplish in his dream state, a sort of astral travel momentary projection into another living body. 

There are still many, many unanswered questions to how our dreams work and why we have them.  We invite you to send us yours!  


Recently we had two inquires reporting very similar experiences so we are posting a response that addresses both experiences.

  Lisa wrote to us …

I had I lost my dear friend Sam on June 7, 2013 (my mother’s birthday).  I also lost my Mom in January and my Dad a few weeks later.  It was right before the 4th of July when I had an episode with a touch lamp and I believe it was Sam.  I had always told him that if anything happened to either of us to promise me he would find a way to let me know he was ok.  I had written to you about this when it happened.  Well Sam and I had a strange relationship.  We met six years ago and it was like something pulling us towards each other, like an aura between us.  Just something we could not explain.  He told me he felt the same way.  Although I have been married for 19 years, there was never anything sexual between us, he had too much respect to even attempt that, but he would joke about it once in a while.  My husband works a lot and had no problem with us being friends because he trusts me completely.  Sam nurtured my artistic side.  He writes poems that he calls "verses" and so do I.  I have very beautiful ones he has written for me over the years.  My husband couldn't care less about the artistic side. Sam always said even though I was married, I was his and if we had met first I would really be his.  He was joking around one time about a specific sexual topic he would love for us to do, if we could.  Of course, we never ever did anything like that.  Sam had dark brown eyes and my husband has light blue eyes.  Whenever he would leave or hang up the phone he would always say "love ya lots babe".  My husband never used these words.  He always says, love ya or I love you.  The first time was in mid-August, my husband and I were sitting on the sofa watching TV and he looked at me and said, "Love ya lots babe".  He has never told me this ever.  My response was, “What?”  He repeated it and said, “You know I will always be with you forever no matter where I am.  I am always beside you.”  My husband’s eyes were dark, not their natural color and his voice was lower than normal.  It did not seem like him at all.  Is it possible that Sam may have found a way through him to speak to me?  The other time occurred when we were in bed and the specific sexual topic Sam had always wanted to do with me, my husband has never ever, ever and never would try.  (Of course, when joking around about sex, I never told my husband.  It was just talk).  This night, my husband did and it was exactly like Sam described he would do if he ever had a chance.  My husband’s voice was the same as the night above, different, even his movements were different.  It was dark so I could not see his eyes, but there was a change in my husband that night.  It was like he was someone else.  Have you ever had any reports of this type thing happening?  I didn't know what to think and did not mention any names, but I was left with my mind reeling trying to figure out what had just happened.  My husband never mentioned it and it has not happened since.


 And Barbara wrote …

At least twice in my life without any warning spirits have walked right through my body.  The first one I can recall was a few years back I was sitting on the bed, my husband was next to me.  I felt my body tense up, for no reason; I was suddenly alert and even defensive, my attention drawn to the wall before me, though I saw nothing.  As the spirit came closer to me I arched my back for impact and in it went.  Immediately I felt ill, weak, and I began to shake.  I told my husband, there is a spirit or ghost that just entered my body.  He seemed incredulous but he sat there holding me until it left.  It happened another time when I was in a Wiccan store to buy a pendulum; I was talking to the man who worked there.  I didn't like him.  It was just something about him that didn't seem "nice", he was helpful but in a harried rushed way that made me feel as if I was taking up his valuable time.  He was describing a type of pendulum that had a space in it for objects such as hair, dirt, a piece of clothing.  "As a matter of fact I have grave yard dirt in mine," he said proudly.  And not many minutes after that I began to get faint, and weak, and my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton, I had to sit down, he brought me water.  I told him, "there is a spirit here, it's affecting me."  He told me I was probably only having a dizzy spell.  I never had dizzy spells.  Also I am keenly in tune with my body and I knew it was not anything from me rather from outside me.  I sat for a while until it passed and I finished my water.  I left, a bit shaken but okay. I began to realize at that point that it is likely that all my life I had been affected like this and just didn't know enough to put two and two together.  It has happened on two other occasions.  Once when I had argued with my husband, and I walked away from him to get back into my car, when I got inside, suddenly I didn't know where I was.  I had problems navigating the car, the me inside sensed that I needed to pull over to protect me from who was driving, but the me inside also realized there was enough of me in control to steer it home even though whomever was affecting me didn't know the way.  I ended up in the hospital one night when I was watching a paranormal show about a mass murder, I was dozing off and waking, the show droned on.  Suddenly I felt this fear overwhelm me I knew I was going to die, it was the fear of someone staring down the barrel of the gun that would kill them.  I grabbed my husband and begged him to pray with me.  He did. But that only served to lessen the intensity, so I got out of bed and paced, and paced until I was exhausted.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  I went to the hospital and they said I was fine that it was a panic attack. I was sure it was not.  This episode lasted two weeks, of feeling out of my body, weak, and light headed.  When it passed it was as if it never had happened.  I know now I cannot watch paranormal programs, and I can't listen to them on the radio either because for some reason they trigger something or open portals to spirits that affect me.  I think time and space have no past or present or future it all runs at the same time, so if I hear someone discussing an event with a spirit in the 1930’s that spirit can affect me in 2014.  So I am careful to watch how I began to feel if I hazard to view one of these shows.  I also tell others that watching these shows is not benign.


 COMMENTARY by Kathe Martin

   Most mediums today are mental mediums, meaning the discarnate or spirit does not enter or take over the medium’s body.  Instead the medium communicates telepathically and/or empathically with the discarnate.  In physical mediumship the discarnate actually enters the medium’s body and uses it as a vehicle to communicate.  In the movie, “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze this is how Patrick used Whoopi Goldberg’s character’s body to communicate his goodbye to Demi before moving into the light.


   The vast majority of my channeling experiences have been as a mental medium.  However, as I have progressed in the field of mediumship I have had a few physical mediumship experiences, most notably the experience of channeling Aunt Patty that is discussed in detail on my website on the tab, A Special Connection.  So I am familiar with some of the characteristics of physical mediumship and the way it feels.


   First regarding Lisa’s experience, it does sound as if Sam has been able to find a way to merge with her husband momentarily and communicate through him.  Lisa and Sam clearly had a strong connection and there is no reason that connection would be broken by death.  As Einstein famously pointed out to us energy doesn’t die, it just changes form.  At our most basic level we are all energetic beings.  In our earthly terms, Sam died, but in actuality he just changed form when he shed his physical body.  Lisa has demonstrated to us that she is highly receptive to psi through prior reports of psi phenomena that she has experienced.  Furthermore, it doesn’t surprise me that Lisa’s husband seems to be unaware he is being used as a vehicle for communication from Sam.  People frequently are not aware of this and I can attest that when I channel I have a very difficult time remembering what occurred once it is over.


    Secondly, in response to Barbara’s inquiry, Barbara too seems particularly sensitive to psi phenomena.  While Lisa exhibits very little fear Barbara seems more uneasy with her experiences and therefore they are more disconcerting and frightening for her.  Barbara also seems to be particularly sensitive to the subtle changes in energy around her.  She knows something is occurring; is not exactly sure what it is, and therefore becomes anxious about it.   This is how I would interpret the experience she had when sitting on the bed with her husband and in the store with the man who made her uncomfortable.


   The experience Barbara had in the car after arguing with her husband sounds like a classic case of physical mediumship.  When I experienced this with Aunt Patty I too was aware I was sharing the space of my body with another entity.  I felt very good about Aunt Patty so it wasn’t a frightening experience for me.  However, I was very aware at that time that I couldn’t fully act or react as myself and I didn’t have full access to my personal memories.  It was very much like being a passenger in my own car while someone else is driving.  I know where all the controls are and how to reach and manipulate them but I don’t have full access to them.  I was channeling Aunt Patty for her niece and Aunt Patty asked me to give her a hug.  As I did her niece said my hug felt just like her aunt’s. 


   My advice to Barbara would be to begin to strengthen her energetic or psychic boundaries. Become aware when the energy around you seems to change for no apparent reason.  Listen to your intuition.  And just because something isn’t familiar doesn’t mean it is bad.  Movies and television have conditioned us to think that all things that go bump in the night are evil, or negative, or threatening in some way.  Remember, fear sells.  Scary movies are meant to make money, not educate the public on psi phenomena.  Much of how we perceive psi phenomena depends on the frame of mind we are in when it occurs.  In actuality, that bump in the night may just be grandma dropping in to say hello.


We invite readers to send accounts of their own spontaneous psi experiences, along with questions, from which representative cases will be selected for future blogs. The Rhine Center case collection continues to serve as a basis for education and research on psi in everyday live.  Case reports are used in publications only with the writer’s permission with names changed to ensure confidentiality.   Please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Experience Blog, November 2013

   Have you ever had a realistic-seeming dream that brought you unexpected information that you had no way of knowing about at the time, and perhaps even with dramatic and accurate details?  You are not alone, as psychic dreams continue to be the most common form of psi experiences reported to the Rhine Center over the decades, as well as noted by other case collectors around the world. 

   Here is a particularly compelling account, one that suggests a telepathic connection between a father and son over a distance of several hundred miles.  Despite the tragedy involved, it’s also an example of how psi can sometimes bring some comfort that might otherwise not be conveyed.

   I report this story in the exact form it was given to me about twenty years ago by a highly respected chaplain and friend with changes only in the names and locations of those involved for confidentiality purposes.


   The commentary that follows the story is from the perspective and experience of Kathe Martin, nationally recognized Psychic Medium with over 25 years professional experience. Sally Rhine-Feather, Executive Director Emeritus


We invite readers to send accounts of their own spontaneous psi experiences, along with questions, from which representative cases will be selected for future blogs.  The Rhine Center case collection continues to serve as a basis for education and research on psi in everyday life.  Case reports are used in publications only with the writer’s permission with names changed to ensure confidentiality.  Please send inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Story

On January 15, 1963, I was in my office in the University Chapel, putting the finishing touches on a sermon I was to preach there the following day.  It was late in the afternoon of a very cold, icy and blustery day.  The students were in the latter part of their final examination period for the fall semester.

The telephone interrupted my sermon work, and the caller was a friend, the Reverend Arnold Matthews, then Pastor of a large Methodist church in an NC town some distance away.  He told me that he had to depend on me to take some sad news to a member of his church who was then a freshman at our university.  His name was Wayne Milton Jr. and he roomed in a basement or ground floor room in a men’s dormitory, room NN-025.   I checked my student directory and found the information to be correct.  Arnold told me that Wayne Jr.’s father had a heart attack and died earlier in the afternoon, and he told me in some detail how the death had occurred.  He asked that I go to Wayne Jr.’s room and tell him of the death and ask that he come home at once to be with his mother.

I put on my hat and overcoat, and I walked very carefully over the ice to the room Arnold had identified.  Once at the door, I paused for a prayer and then knocked on the door.  There was a soft “Come in” in response.  On opening the door, I looked into the darkened room, with a table light at the far end of the room.  A student was sitting at that light, studying for his next exam.  Another student was asleep on a bed near the door.  I tip-toed my way to the student who was studying, and asked him if he were Wayne.  “No, that’s Wayne asleep.”  He then introduced himself to me as Wayne’s roommate, Frank Parker.  It is important to my story to note here that Frank remained in the room the entire time I was there.

I asked Frank if Wayne had been asleep very long.  He replied that Wayne had been soundly asleep since lunch, so far as he could tell, for Wayne had been up most of the night, preparing for a final exam he had taken that morning.  I asked if any word had come to the room that afternoon pertaining to Wayne’s father.  He replied that nobody had come all afternoon, and of course they did not have a phone in the room.  I told Frank the basic facts.  He said he was certain that Wayne knew nothing about it, for he, Frank, had been studying there all afternoon.

After a moment I sat on the edge of Wayne’s bed.  I moved his shoulder with my hand and he opened his eyes for a moment.  I told him that he needed to wake up.  I asked him if he knew Arnold Matthews.  He said, “My home church Pastor.”  I said, “Well, Wayne, I’ve just had a call from him and he gave me some information to pass along to you.”  I was determined to make Wayne ask me if something was wrong.  But he said nothing.  He simply lay there and looked at me.  Then I said, “He told me something about your Father.”  He just looked at me.  “The news is not good, Wayne.  Your Father had a heart attack.”  I paused and waited a bit.  No comment.  No question.  Finally, I said, “I’m sorry to tell you, Wayne, that your Father didn’t make it.  He is dead.”

Wayne closed his eyes for a minute or two and I remained quiet, with my hand on his shoulder.  I decided to put the best “face” on it I could, so I told him that it might comfort him a bit to know that his father died in an effort to save a little girl’s life.  Wayne opened his eyes and listened.  I went on to relate how Arnold told me that he died.  He was driving home from Winston-Salem to his hometown when he saw that a car had slid off the road into the ditch, in the ice storm.  He stopped and asked the driver if he could help her.  She replied that her daughter had pneumonia and she was trying to get her to the nearest hospital.  Mr. Milton said he would try to push the car enough to get her out of the ditch.  While she was driving and he was pushing, she noticed in the side-view mirror a look of great pain on his face, and he died right there in the ditch.

Wayne suddenly exploded.  “That’s not how I saw it!  I mean—that’s not the way it was in my dream.”  I asked him if he had experienced a dream about his father’s death while asleep in the afternoon.  (By this time, his roommate was by the bed, hanging on every word!)  Wayne replied that he had experienced an awful nightmare, which so disturbed him that he had great difficulty in getting back to sleep.

I then asked him to tell his roommate and me how he saw it in his nightmare.  He said that he saw his father sitting behind the steering wheel of his car, in front of a red brick building which had a hospital sign on the front of it.  His Father was looking at him with a look of great pain on his face, and just before his head dropped to his chest, he said, “Goodbye, Wayne.”

Well, Frank and I could only hear what he said.  Quickly, the roommate made plans to drive him to his hometown, and after admonishing them to drive slowly and carefully, I sent them on their way.

A week later, after the funeral of his father, I was sitting at my desk in the Chapel, and Wayne burst into the room.  He said, excitedly, “Chaplain, you remember how I said I “saw” it happen?  Well, the lady came to Dad’s funeral, and she told me just how it happened, and it happened exactly as I told you I saw it in my dream.  Dad did tell me good-bye before he left.”  He went on to explain that the lady did, indeed, notice the look of pain on Mr. Milton’s face as he pushed her car, so she told him to stop pushing.  She asked if she carried her little girl up to his car on the road, would he drive them to the next hospital.  He said he would, and when they arrived there, she asked Mr. Milton to wait in his car out front while she ran her daughter into the emergency ward.  When she returned to his car, Mr. Milton was dead behind the steering wheel!

Many secularistic scientists would claim that this is all coincidence.  Wayne Jr., however, has from the beginning believed his father sent him a “good-bye” message by thought transference. --------   signed by the Chaplain.


Commentary by Kathe Martin

I have performed channelings for others who have reported this kind of dream communication clarity.  I am never surprised that this kind of communication occurs at the time of crossing. 


My experience is that in my preparation to be "on-and-ready-to-receive-other-worldly-communication" mode I do two things.  First, I clear my mind and think about nothing, much the way one does in meditation, to put myself into a receptive mode.  Two, I raise my energy level so that I am receptive on a higher level than when I am in a normal functioning mode.  I am often asked how I do this.  It is a subtle practice more passive than active and is similar to the way one focuses when say straining to hear a faint, distant sound and therefore focuses very hard on the silence, or the absence of sound.  For those on the other side it is necessary for them to lower their energy level.  When the discarnate energy and I are able to meet somewhere in the middle and our two energies can sync then a communication exchange can occur.  I think the necessity of the two energies being able to sync up is often downplayed or outright ignored by researchers in this field.  When a particular discarnate is unable to be contacted by a medium the client or sitter is often disappointed and the researcher dismayed.  Perhaps the two energies, medium and discarnate, simply cannot sync up because the particular medium and discarnate are not a good energy match.  This may work much the same way it does in our physical world when we meet someone at work or at a party that we instinctively know we don’t like or simply have nothing in common with, so we fail to be motivated to bond with them.


It seems to me that when someone is in the process of leaving the physical body they are in something of an in between state and it is easier for them to facilitate communication because they are still connected to the physical world as they are transitioning to the next.  It's a lot like standing in a doorway with one foot inside and one outside.  You are connected to both worlds at the same time but to neither entirely.  It doesn't at all surprise me that the son in this story received the communication in a dream.  It is very possible that if he had been awake at the time of his father's death he may not have been receptive enough to hear his father say good-bye.  Maybe the bigger question here is, what other forces may have been at work to ensure the son was sleeping at an unusual time when the father died so that he was able to receive his father's final good-bye?  I think one of the reasons psychic dreams are one of the most commonly reported experiences of psi especially by those who have not focused on developing intuitive skills is because we may be more receptive to psi experiences in the dream state.


I've also come to believe that the crossing over experience is a more malleable experience that we believe on this side and that for those who are critically ill, not so much those who cross quickly as Wayne's father did, that there can be many excursions of varying length to the other side before the final one.


I have been told over and over again by discarnates that when it appeared they were suffering and in pain during the dying process they were actually more connected to the other side than here.  So while they had some awareness of what was going on at their bedside, etc. they were not experiencing the extreme pain their loved ones feared because they were more connected to their experiences on the other side.



Recently we received an email from Carolyn (name changed to protect privacy).  She had experienced three deaths of close relatives and friends within three years.  Carolyn posed several questions that we thought could be of interest to other readers as well.


“First she asked why she had not experienced any dreams of her boyfriend who passed away over three years ago.”Not everyone receives dream communications from deceased friends and relatives.  Research offers us some clues but the truth is we just don't fully understand the process involved.  Some people, generally those who are more "right-brain" thinkers than "left-brain", seem more receptive to these sorts of communications.  But this is, at best, a vast generalization and should not be interpreted as an absolute fact.  It's easy when hoping for this kind of communication to make the assumption that because no communication has been received that the deceased is unable to communicate in this manner. In my experience, this sort of thinking is more a result of unresolved grief on the part of the living survivor and has no bearing on the state of the deceased.


 “Secondly, Carolyn asked what exactly does "at rest" mean, in terms of being able to communicate?”  I've never known this term to be associated with a deceased person's ability to communicate.  "At rest" is just a euphemism for dead or deceased.  However, I think what you may be asking is, does a person have to reach a certain level of existence or acceptance  on the other side in order to be able to communicate, and the answer to that is no.  I have had people come through to me within in an hour of their passing and in varying states of emotional healing from their experiences here in physical reality.


“Carolyn’s next question was an interesting and important one and one we don’t hear very often.  She asked, although I have had many communications from those on the other side why is it that some of them have not been very nice at all.  And why is it that we don’t hear more about communications that do not feel loving from our loved ones?”  In order to answer this question thoroughly, I would have to have a little more information and know exactly what kind of “not nice” communications Carolyn is referring to.  However, initially two things come to mind.  One, as Larry Dossey points out in his book, "Power of Premonitions", premonitions are often perceived around disasters. We think the reason for this is that a warning about something negative, i.e. an explosion, a natural disaster, an impending death, etc. comes through with a stronger "punch" than premonitions about more positive or benign issues.  For instance, you are more likely to wake up suddenly from a nightmare than you are from a pleasant dream.  Therefore, the average person who is not accustomed to listening or tuning into their intuition on a regular basis is probably more inclined to overlook the more benign or feel-good premonitions or communications than they are the not nice ones.  Sometime the other side has to thump us over the head to get our attention.  Second – and this is important – if the communications that aren't nice are in the form of voices telling you to harm yourself or others this can be an indication of a mental illness and you should seek professional counseling.  The reason we don't hear more about this is simple.  People want to hear that those on the other side are happy, at peace, out of pain, etc. and we want to believe that when we cross over we will leave behind all of our earthly pains, trials, and tribulations.  Therefore, the happy messages are the ones that are popularized on television and other media and even on shows that feature psychic mediums.  Interestingly, when I have had communications from discarnates that were not in a happy place or good state of mind on the other side I often do not see their eyes.  They either do not meet my eyes with theirs or I see them only in profile so that they are not facing me and I am unable to see their eyes.  It is possible this is just a personal interpretation on my part but I think it has something to do with the state of mind or the level of healing and self-acceptance on the part of the discarnate.  I can’t fully explain it but I do find it interesting.


“Carolyn also asked, how do you know exactly who you are communicating with, a person alive or deceased whom you've known or an entity unknown?” I don't always know who I am communicating with.  Often the client can identify a deceased person's identity, i.e. "Mom always said that," or "Dad always scratched his head like that", or they can associate a certain image or symbol like a flower, with a particular person.  In other instances I don't know who I am communicating with and I, as a medium, must rely on how the discarnate makes me feel.  If I do not feel good about the energy I end the communication. This happens on only rare occasions.


“Carolyn’s final question was should I simply trust my intuition as the best possible way to answer questions about my experiences?”  As a psychic medium, my answer to that has to be, YES!  It’s like any other muscle.  The more you exercise it the stronger it gets.


We invite readers to send accounts of their own spontaneous psi experiences, along with questions, from which representative cases will be selected for future blogs. The Rhine Center case collection continues to serve as a basis for education and research on psi in everyday live.  Case reports are used in publications only with the writer’s permission with names changed to ensure confidentiality.   Please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.