Dreamy March at the Rhine


Explore your dream life and the science of dreams with the Rhine in March, 2014!  

The Rhine Research Center presents a full month of events focused on the topics of dreams to give you the chance to explore the meaning and significance of dreams in great detail. The month will include discussions of dream interpretation, workshops to help you to use your dreams, films, lectures, research discussions, and much, much more! See the Events Calendar for details on all of the events that are available and to reserve your space!


Join us for events all through the week, attend the Saturday workshops, or enroll in an ONLINE class to learn more about dreams and dream research. Many events are free, and special discounted Dream Tickets are available if you want to attend ALL of the events and learn more about the Rhine.


DREAM TICKETS:   Click here to get your dream ticket now


I’m A Dreamer Ticket                $99                                                      Order Now  

You can attend 2 Friday Night Events, 2 Workshops, and all research meetings, films, and other monthly meetings. (The fees are covered, but you must register for workshops separately through the Rhine.)


The Lucid Dreamer Ticket        $199 (space is limited)                    Order Now 

Access to ALL events, workshops, and classes at the Rhine in Dreamy March including all workshops and the ONLINE course on dreams from the Rhine Education Center.


I Sponsored the Dream            $300                                                 Order Now 

Access to ALL events, workshops, and classes at the Rhine in Dreamy March AND two tickets to the Rhine Fundraising event on March 29th featuring entertainment by Swami Beyondananda in the Ballroom of the Millennium Hotel (includes heavy snacks, drinks, and a night of humor and entertainment)


Click here to get your dream ticket now


See the Events Calendar on the Rhine website for a full list of events, but here are some of the highlights:


March 4:           Psychic Experiences Group

March 7:           Robert Wagoner on Lucid Dreaming

March 8:           Lucid Dreaming Workshop

March 11:         Afternoon lecture at the Rhine

   Dream Movie Night at the Rhine

March 12:         Afternoon research meeting

March 15:         Workshop – Sharing Dreams with Judy Gardiner (space is very limited)

March 17:         Monthly Dream Discussion Group Meeting

March 18:         Afternoon lecture at the Rhine

March 19:         Afternoon research meeting

March 21:         Diane Brandon - Using Dreams in your Daily Life

March 22:         Bob Trowbridge Workshop

March 24:         Dream Movie Night at the Rhine

March 25:         Afternoon lecture at the Rhine

March 26:         Afternoon research meeting

March 29:         Support the Rhine Dream at the Millennium Ballroom.

   Snacks, Wine, and Entertainment with Swami Beyondananda


Thursday Evenings in March: ONLINE Dream course from the Rhine Education Center.


Certificates Available from the Rhine

Rhine Dreamer: Attend 6 events at the Rhine during Dreamy March.

Rhine Dream Expert: Attend 10 events including 2 workshops.

Rhine Ultimate Dreamer: Attend 15 events during Dreamy March


You must contact the Rhine to apply for your certificate when the month is completed.