Pilot Project: The OBE ExperienceBack to Current Research
John G. Kruth & Bryan Williams

The Pilot Project of the OBE Experience is designed to determine if there are any physical indicators of an Out of Body Experience (OBE) which can be measured using standard research equipment.  The study is designed to examine a number of factors to see if there is a reason fund a more extensive project.  The pilot project will include 3 participants. (Currently, no more participants are needed for the pilot study.)

The initial pilot study is designed to measure any potential weight changes in individuals experiencing an OBE.  Also, the ultraviolet light emissions of participants are measured in the Rhine Bio-Energy Lab before, during, and after a session in which a participant believes they have left their body.  Participants are also asked to attempt to affect a RNG which is running during the experiment.  In addition, a hidden target object is placed in the labs to see if the participants are able to provide any verifiable evidence to support their experience that they had travelled out of their body.  Finally, the participants are interviewed to record their personal experiences during the session.

The results of this pilot study will help to guide future research on the nature of the OBE Experience.