Experiments in Energy Healing

By John G. Kruth
December 26, 2015

What is the Rhine Bioenergy Lab?

The Rhine Research Center Bioenergy Lab measures low levels of energies produced around the human body, particularly during moments of focused intention such as energetic healing, meditation, martial arts, or experiences of ESP or PK. More than 150 people have been measured in the lab to determine if the energy or chi that they sometimes feel can be detected using standard instruments used in engineering and physics to measure small units of energy, particularly low levels of ultraviolet and infrared light. Most of the participants in the lab demonstrate no unusual light emissions, but about 12% of the people who have been tested in the lab have produced results indicating that they are demonstrating measurable energies during moments of intense focus, particularly during moments of energetic healing sessions.

Edd Edwards in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab

Since 2009 Edd Edwards has been participating in research at the Bioenergy Laboratory.

Edd describes himself as a man who manipulates energies in the environment and the human body. Through a management of this energetic field, Edd claims to be able to encourage the human energy field to encourage and facilitate healing. Though his healing abilities have not been confirmed in the Rhine labs, he has worked with medical professionals at many different institutions to assist in the comfort and healing of patients. In addition, many people have provided testimonials of the effects they have felt from Edd’s treatments and of positive health benefits after their sessions with Edd.

Edd has been one of the most consistent and effective participants in the studies at the Rhine Bioenergy Lab. In early studies, Edd produced results indicating an ability to generate measurable energies at levels much higher than any other participants. While the average energetic output (measured in photons of ultraviolet light) is between 12 – 20 photons per second, some gifted participants produced 80 photons, 200 photons, and sometimes even up to 1200 photons per second while in periods of meditation or while practicing energetic healing.

These results are rare, and very statistically significant! Though they are impressive, these results do not compare with Edd’s laboratory sessions. Edd has been demonstrating 2000, 300,000, and sometimes over 1 million photons per second in the lab! In addition, it was clear in the studies that Edd was able to consciously control his energetic output.

After numerous sessions in the lab, Edd began to learn more about the energies he was producing, and he began to refine his energetic expressions while in the lab. Instead of producing large energetic readings for one or two seconds, Edd learned to maintain a high level of energy for 8 – 12 seconds. In addition, Edd’s control over his abilities improved dramatically after he was provided with feedback in the lab.

What Does This Mean?

The Rhine Bioenergy Lab measures low levels of ultraviolet and infrared light. Why is light measurement meaningful in health, healing, meditation, martial arts, and parapsychology?

For centuries, meditators have discussed kundalini energies, martial artists have manipulated chi, and energetic healers have talked about healing energies in the body. Physicists and other material scientists typically describe energy in terms of potential energy or kinetic energy, and chi, kundalini, and healing energy cannot be described in these terms. In contrast, physicists discuss the relationship between energy and matter, and this is well demonstrated in the physics of light. Light can be measured as a physical particle (a photon) and also as an energy wave.

Through the measurement of photons of light, the Rhine Bioenergy Lab is using standard instruments and standard measurements used in physics to detect energies produced by the human body.

This means that the light measurements in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab are direct measurements of the energies that have been described by meditators, martial artists, and healers for centuries. Finally, we have a way to confirm that the personal impressions of these highly trained individuals actually reflect the reality of an energy that can be measured in a controlled laboratory environment.

Recent Studies With Edd Edwards

The results that Edd Edwards has recorded in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab have provided insight into the energies that are described by energetic healers. His highly developed ability to focus and his consistent results have provided researchers at the Rhine with the opportunity to explore these energies in more detail and to examine the physical mechanisms that enable energetic healing to occur.

Recent studies with Edd Edwards have focused on the nature of the energy that is being measured to determine if it is electromagnetic in character, whether it can penetrate walls, and whether it has a distance limitation. Some sessions appear to support his claims that there is no distance limitation to the effects that he produces, but further investigations are necessary to confirm these claims. The effect has been measured through walls, and it does not seem to be consistently eliminated by electrical shielding.

Additional studies are underway to confirm some of the recent observations, but it is clear that he consistent control of the effects produced by Edd Edwards are valuable to the advancement of the science of biophotons and energetic healing.

Future Research

The Rhine will continue to study Edd Edwards and other extraordinary participants to expand our knowledge of the energies produced by the human body. Current plans include an examination of the specific makeup of the energies that are being produce and where the energies are originating on the body. With the purchase of additional light sensing equipment, researchers will be able to generate specific information about the location of the energy and how this energy is moving within the healing environment.

In addition, the Rhine is progressing with researching the effectiveness of energetic healing methods with plants, microscopic organisms (like bacteria), and small animals. By combining the results of these studies with measurements of the human energy field, we hope to be able to provide a more complete picture of the physical nature of this phenomenon.

In order to explore this phenomenon even further, the Rhine is currently examining the experience of energetic healing from the perspective of the healer and the person being healed. This 360 degree view of healing from the physical, environmental, and experiential perspective will provide insight into a phenomenon that has been a mystery for centuries.


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