Volume 74 Number 2 Fall 2010

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Technical Challenges for the Way Forward Edwin C. May


2010 Presidential Address: Connecting,
Diverging, and Reconnecting: Putting the Psi Back Into Psychedelic Research David Luke

Abstracts of Full Papers from the
Parapsychological Association 53rd Annual
Convention, Paris, France, July 22–25, 2010


Consciousness Induced Restoration of Time Symmetry (CIRTS): A Psychophysical Theoretical Perspective Dick J. Bierman

The Effect of Paranormal Involvement on Game Strategy Erin C. Dupuis

Higher Anticipatory Response at 13.5 ± 1 H Local Sidereal Time in Zebra Finches Fernando Alvarez

The Evolution of Beliefs in God, Spirit, and the Paranormal. I: Terror Management and Ritual Healing Theories Michael P. Kelley

The Evolution of Beliefs in God, Spirit, and the Paranormal. II: Transliminality as the Mediating Factor Michael P. Kelley


Michael A. Thalbourne
Peter R. Phillips


Synchronicity: Multiple Perspectives
on Meaningful Coincidence
Ed. by Lance Storm
Ginette Nachman

The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for
Psychic Phenomena
by Diane Hennacy Powell
Caroline Watt

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion:
How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body,
and the Sixth Sense
by Michael A. Jawer with Marc S. Micozzi
Julia Mossbridge

Chico Xavier: Medium of the Century
by Guy Lyon Playfair
Etzel Cardeña

Correspondence (Tart, Potts)

We would like to thank the following persons for their work
in translating abstracts for this issue of the Journal: Eberhard Bauer (German), Renaud Evrard (French) and Carlos Alvarado (Spanish).