Volume 77, Number 1 : Spring 2013

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Table of Contents


JP Publication Policy: Statistical Issues  John Palmer


2012 Presidential Address: What Have We Learned About Psi? Reflections on the Present of Parapsychology  Alejandro Parra


Can Parapsychology Move Beyond the Controversies of Retrospective Meta-Analyses?  J. E. Kennedy

Parapsychological Experience as Anomalous Experience
Plus Paranormal Attribution: A Questionnaire Based on
a New Approach to Measurement  
Harvey J. Irwin, Neil Dagnall, and Kenneth Drinkwater

A Community Survey of Anomalous Experiences:
Correlational Analyses of Evolutionary Hypotheses  
James McClenon

Performance in Group Telepathy Experiments
as a Function of Target Picture Characteristics  
Jan Dalkvist

An Anomaly of an Anomaly: Investigating the Cortical Electrophysiology of Remote Staring Detection  Ian S. Baker and Paul Stevens

Anomalous Remote Diagnosis: Mental and Motor Psi
Impressions Under Iconic Representation of the Person-Target  
Alejandro Parra and Juan Carlos Argibay

Ingo Douglas Swann 

by Edwin C. May


Exploring Frontiers of the Mind-Brain Relationship

Edited by Alexander Moreira-Almeida and
Franklin Santano Santos  
Vernon M. Neppe

Exceptional Experience and Health: Essays on Mind,
Body and Human Potential
Edited by Christine Simmonds-Moore  Athena A. Drewes

Perspectives of Clinical Psychology: An Introductory Reader

Edited by Wim H. Kramer, Eberhard Bauer,
and Gerd H. Hövelmann  
Yolaine M. Stout

Correspondence (Neppe and Close, Potts) 


Instructions for Authors