Subscriptions to the Journal of Parapsychology are available to institutions in either paper or electronic format. Individual copies of the Journal are also available from our shopping cart.

Institutional Subscription Rates

Current subscription rates for the Journal are as follows:

Electronic Format $165  
Paper    $200
 (mailed to U.S.)
 (mailed outside U.S.)

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Alternatively, you may contact us at the Rhine:

Accessing Electronic Subscriptions to the Journal

The electronic version of the Journal of Parapsychology is available as a PDF download from this site. Access is provided by IP address via this link (  For each Journal issue, there will be a download link displayed. Click that link to download your copy of the Journal. Note, the link will not appear unless the IP address you are using to access the site has been registered with us and you have a valid subscription. With your subscription, you will be able download both current and past issues of the Journal.

Managing IP Addresses for Electronic Subscriptions

Institutions choosing to subscribe to the electronic version of the Journal, will be provided with a link to manage which computers have access to the download pages by IP address. After logging into the control panel, you will have the ability to supply a list of authorized IP addresses from which the Journal can be accessed. Anyone using a computer with an authorized IP will have access to the download pages as described above.