The Rhine in the Media


Monday, June 12th - Midnight Eastern Time, 9pm Pacific

MidnightInTheDesertRhine Executive Director John G. Kruth joins Heather Wade on Midnight in the Desert for an indepth conversation about the Rhine, parapsychology research, and why parapsychology research is important in our daily lives.  The show begins at Midnight Eastern Time or 9pm Pacific.  Don't miss this chance to learn more about the field of parapsychology and the important work being done at the Rhine.

Listen to the show live or hear the replay on Midnight in the Desert.


May 2015

Monday, May 18 at 5pm

WCOM Radio LogoDr. Sally Rhine Feather, Susan Freeman, and Pamela St. John from the Rhine will appear on Time Out with Bill Hendrickson to discuss Stories from the Rhine including stories of ESP and other psychic experiences.  Listen to the replay on WCOMFM.ORG.


November 2014

The News & Observer presents a nice article about the Forever Family Foundation conference this week, and the Rhine. This feature is available in the Durham News section of the N&O, but it is also availble online.

NewsAndObserverOnlineClick this link to read the full article in the News & Observer online.

August 2014

SkepticMeetsPsychic-PacificStandardAndy Wright is a freelance writer who recently wrote an article for the Pacific Standard magazine. The article, A Skeptic Meets a Psychic is about Andy's experieriences when she visits a psychic for the first time.

The article includes quotes from Rhine Executive Director John G. Kruth and Kathe Martin, a medium who has spoken at Rhine events in the past.

Click this link to read the full article and learn about Andy's experience.

July 2014

Monday, July 28th at 8pm on PARANATION RADIO!

ParaNationRadioLogoRhine Executive Director, John G. Kruth,will be featured tonight on PARANATION Radio. The interview will include discussions of current research work at the Rhine, the connections between Rhine and the paranormal community, and other interesting topics.

Join John and Alex Matsuo ONLINE at 8pm.

Dr. Sally Rhine Feather at the Durham Library: sallyrhinefeatherJuly 22nd

On Tuesday, July 22nd at 7pm, Dr. Sally Rhine Feather will be speaking at the Durham County Library.  Dr. Feather will be discussing her book, The Gift, which chronicles a number of cases that have been collected by the Rhine over the past few decades.  Please join Durham and the Rhine to hear Sally speak on this interesting topic!

For more information, click to see the details on the library website.

May, 2014

INDY Week Features the Rhine on May 14th

JGKSRFInGanzfeldThe free magazine, INDY Week presents a full 3 page article on the Rhine that includes a peek into history, a review of some research work, and a view of the Rhine community.  It includes bent spoons, ping pong balls, and an insider's view of the scientific research.

Pick up your own copy of the INDY or you can read the article online.

 April, 2014

Poltergeists and the Rhine on Mysteries at the Museum

Rhine Executive Director, John G. Kruth is featured on the Travel Channel's historical show Mysteries at the Museum.  The story of a poltergeist investigation from 1958 is related.  The Seaford Case, as it came to be known, captured the attention of the nation and was investigated by the Duke Parapsychology Labs.  You can see a short clip of this segment by clicking here.

January, 2014

Mysteries at the Museum Features The Rhine

The Rhine is featured in the Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum.  A historical story of Lady Wonder,  the reputed Psychic Horse is featured in a segment that includes an interview in the Rhine Museum of Parapsychology.

You can see the segment here:

January 25, 2014   

The Durham Herald-Sun Features the Rhine

rhinebuildingsThe Explore Durham feature of the Durham Herald-Sun features the Rhine this week.  Take a minute to read the article at:


December 2, 2013

The Rhine at the Durham Public Library

Executive Director John G. Kruth and Director Emeritus Sally Rhine Feather were joined by long time Rhine associates Larry Burke and Mara Bishop for a talk at the Durham Public Library.  This talk discussed the history of the Rhine in Durham, current research work, and cases that have been studied or represented at the Rhine.  There was a GREAT question & answer session and it is really a nice forum. 

You can see the entire recording of this talk at this link:

 November 11, 2013


Rhine Executive Director On The Psi Show

Executive Director of the Rhine, John G. Kruth, was featured on The Psi Show, an online radio program that focuses on the paranormal and parapsychology.  The show was broadcast at 7pm Eastern on Monday, November 11.

You can learn more and listen to an archive of the broadcast by clicking here.

August 2013 

Joe Rogan Questions Everything on the SyFy Channel Features the Rhine

JoeRoganJoe Rogan, comedian and entertainer, features the Rhine in a show about Psychic Spies that aired on the SyFy channel.  The full first segment involves an interview with Executive Director John G. Kruth and a demonstration of the Bioenergy Lab at the Rhine.

You can watch a recording of this progam at this link.

 June 24, 2013

Discovery News Features the Rhine! 

JGKChrisJPalmerGlenn McDonald of Discovery News asks Whatever Happened to Parapsychology?

DiscoveryNewsLogoAfter attending a presentation by Rhine researchers, Glenn provides some answers.  Parapsychology research is alive and well at the Rhine.

You can read the entire article at Discovery News.

May 13, 2013


  WCOM Radio LogoJohn G. Kruth

Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center gives an interview on WCOM-FM radio to discuss his background, research, and the Rhine.  You can hear the interview by clicking this link