Who We Are

The Rhine Research Center is a hub for research and education on the basic nature of consciousness.

The Center presents a wide range of educational offerings in which we attempt to draw together and present the most interesting and challenging current ideas on the nature and enhancement of consciousness. We present conferences, teach classes, and offer workshops, lectures, study groups, and other events. Some of these activities are face-to-face in our Durham NC headquarters, and some are web-based. We conduct careful scientific studies on the parapsychological dimensions of consciousness, in order to answer basic questions about the nature of consciousness, its reach, its durability, its power, its healing potential, and the extent of its autonomy and independence of physical constraints. An important aspect of our research effort is the publication of the Journal of Parapsychology a peer-reviewed scientific periodical that has been published continuously since 1937, and that has consistently offered to the scientific community a large portion of the best theoretical and empirical work that has been done on these problems.