Advisory Board


Richenel (Muz) Ansano, M.A.

Miscellaneous Information

Richenel Ansano received a B.A. in Economics from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, and an M.A. in cultural anthropology from Rutgers University. He is a native of Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean, and has done community and cultural policy work there, including research on religion, spirituality, and healing in the Caribbean. In Curaçao he also held the post of Director of the Cultural Ministry. Ansano is former Associate Director of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University, a center promoting interdisciplinary work in the humanities and ex-Executive Director of the Global Medicine Education Foundation (GMEF) and most recently served on the Board of GMEF. As a healer, he honors and engages people's own traditions and experiences, bringing a multiple intelligences perspective to his healing work through his company, Alimá Transformations.

"From its pioneering work in psi research to its explorations of the relationships between culture, healing, social communication and consciousness the Rhine Research Center has been one of the most influential voices in consciousness studies. Some of the fundamental principles in the field established early on by the Rhine Center are still being used or debated today. As the field of consciousness studies keeps developing the center is becoming a 21st century research center without losing touch with its strong background in psi research." --Richenel (Muz) Ansano, M.A.