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Daryl J. Bem, Ph.D.

Miscellaneous Information

Dr. Daryl Bem, professor of psychology at Cornell University, obtained a B.A. in physics from Reed College and a PhD in social psychology from the University of Michigan, changing directions after the civil rights movement led him to become intrigued with changing racial attitudes in the South. He has taught at Carnegie-Mellon, Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell, where he has been since 1978. Dr. Bem has published on several diverse topics in psychology including ESP. In 1994, he co-authored a well-known article in a mainstream psychology journal with Charles Honorton that is considered a classic in the field of parapsychology. He has been a SSP lecturer for several years, where he also uses his ability as a magician to help educate students on how tricks can be disguised as genuine ESP. Read more about Dr. Bem's work at

"Because parapsychology is not well represented in traditional academic settings, the Rhine Center has always served as the center of gravity for the field in the United States, uniquely providing both a home for serious research and scholarship and a respected public face for our discipline. From the very first, the Center has been broadly based, encompassing both experimental laboratory-based research and first-person accounts of spontaneous ESP experiences in everyday life, a continuing legacy we owe to its founders Joseph and Louisa Rhine. Whenever I receive questions about ESP or parapsychology from students, academic colleagues, journalists, or members of the public, the Rhine Center is the first place I send them for accurate information." --Daryl J. Bem, PhD