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Dale E. Graff, M.S.

Miscellaneous Information

With degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Physics and an extensive background in research and applications of parapsychological phenomena, Mr. Dale E. Graff became involved with remote viewing research in 1976 as the Department of Defense contract manager for RV research at the Stanford Research Institute and then eventually a director of Stargate, the combined psi-RV research, applications and Soviet psi assessment effort in the Defense Intelligence Agency. Currently Mr. Graff presents seminars and workshops for individuals through Psi-Seminars-Initiatives and other organizations in the USA, Canada, and Europe. He facilitates programs with an integrated approach for psi exploration that emphasize balance and well being while offering user-friendly guidance and explorations of psychic abilities. His dream seminar focus is on precognition (future-seeing) and healing potential, while his independent psi research explores the relationship between cognitive processing, art principles and the nature of the psi target. His published books include Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and River Dreams. Website:

"Defying prevailing scientific orthodoxy, the Rhine Research Center (RRC) has forged a new way of thinking about unexplained phenomena, including our natural extrasensory perception (ESP) talents, and demonstrated that our minds are interconnected with others and our environment in ways seemingly independent of spacetime. This breakthrough is only the beginning: the existing challenge to the RRC is to expand their paradigm shifting investigations to further quantify the extent of this interconnection and to provide the links and integration between the physical and mental domains for a better understanding of reality by an evolving science." -- Dale E. Graff, M.S.