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Michael Schmicker

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Michael Schmicker is an investigative journalist and writer on scientific anomalies and the paranormal.  His author website is: He is the co-author with Dr. Sally Rhine Feather of "The Gift, ESP: The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People" (St. Martin's Press, hardcover, paperback, e-book (USA); Rider/Random House (UK). His first book, "Best Evidence," has emerged as a classic in the field of scientific investigation of the paranormal since its publication in 2001. His writings also appear in three anthologies, including "The Universe Wants to Play" (2006); "First of the Year 2009" (2009) edited by former Village Voice writer Benj DeMott; and "Even the Smallest Crab Has Teeth" (2011). His new novel, “The Witch of Napoli” (January, 2015), is historical fiction with a paranormal twist. Michael began his writing career as a crime reporter for a suburban Dow-Jones newspaper in Connecticut, and worked as a freelance reporter in Southeast Asia for three years, as well as an Editor with the United Nations in Bangkok. He has also worked as a stringer for “Forbes” magazine, and Op-Ed contributor to “The Wall Street Journal Asia.”His interest in investigating the paranormal began as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand where he first encountered a non-Western culture and people who readily accept the reality of ghosts and spirits, reincarnation, psychics, mediums, divination, and other persistently reported phenomena unexplainable by current Science.