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Cynthia Lee Shore-Sterling, Ph.D.

Miscellaneous Information

Cynthia Lee Shore-Sterling, Ph.D., Executive Publisher of Sterling House Publisher and the President of International Book Management Corporation has authored twenty-two books including the Ghost Trail series. Her interest in medicine, healing and out-of-body experiences began at Indiana Hospital where she worked in laboratory and in assisting the pathologist in autopsies, then as the Departmental Assistant for Nuclear Medicine Cardiopulmonary Function and as an Emergency Medical Service responder. Her interest continued to grow when she entered into private practice as a physician’s assistant. 

Dr. Sterling has extensive exposure in the media, appearing on The Maury Povich Show, Philly After Midnight, City Chronicle and news channel affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. She was interviewed by Time Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Christian Science Monitor. She has been a guest on over 2000 radio stations, including Radio Free Europe and National Public Radio. 

She has taught at The Chautauqua Institute, University of Pittsburgh, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and toured with the Learning Annex. She earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy/Metaphysics from AHIT and is best known as C. L Shore: America’s GhostHunter and for her company PSI (Paranormal and Supernatural Investigations). 

Dr. Sterling serves on the board of the Mel Blount Youth Home, has served on the advisory board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneurial Forum and recently fulfilled her two-year service as a board member on the MIT Entrepreneurial Forum. 

"There is a place where science and spirituality intersects—The Rhine Research Center. It’s a place where the truth of the human journey is slowly and methodically revealed.
Not all of life’s journey can or will be explained. But what can be explained, will be explained, through the Rhine Research Center’s commit to science and the human experience.
--Cynthia Sterling, Ph.D.