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Miscellaneous Information

Susan Tanous has operated a Boston-based recruitment service dedicated to identifying, locating and evaluating talented professionals for permanent placement in the Investment Services sectors, representing some of the finest financial firms nationwide. She began her recruiting career after a brief period at Jordan Marsh & Company as both personnel trainer and sales representative. Susan earned the Certified Personnel Consultant, CPC, designation, and after several fulfilling years with leading agencies, she opened the Tanous Group. She was educated at Notre Dame Academy prep school, and the University of Massachusetts within the walls of its Management curriculum. Susan has served as board member and President of the Board of Directors of the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research of Portland, ME. The Alex Tanous Foundation is the benefactor of the RRC library, now known as the Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Research Center.

"The Rhine Research Center has been and continues to evolve as one the world’s leading pioneers of psi research. To that end, sincere and serious research captivates not only the dedicated scientists of Rhine, and their subjects, but those whose journey has taken them far beyond what the human eye can see. Time-tested research, pragmatic thinking, bold and dynamic new approaches, lend themselves to far reaching discoveries and advances in the field of psi, the results of which will continue to lend ever more understanding and assistance throughout the world in fields such as medicine, education, law enforcement and beyond."
-- Susan Tanous, B.S., CPC