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Wakine Tanous

Miscellaneous Information

Attorney Wakine Tanous has owned and operated his law firm Tanous & Snow for the past 53 years in East Millinocket, Maine, after graduating youngest in his class from Portland Law School for a life-long career in law. Prior to law school Mr. Tanous received his B.S. from Boston College. He spent six years in the Maine State Senate as Senate Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and Senate Chairman of the Labor Committee, as well as Charter President of the East Millinocket Chamber of Commerce Board and a past member of the Millinocket Regional Hospital Board. He is a Board Member of the Eastern Maine Medical Center Health Care System, is Past President of the Pine Tree Council Boy Scouts of America, and was awarded the Silver Beaver Badge. Mr. Tanous was instrumental in the development of the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research; which was his brother Alex’s life long dream. Wakine Tanous served as the first nominated President of the Foundation’s Board and has remained the Clerk for the Foundation since its inception in March 1990.
"The Rhine Research Center is a visible accomplishment of dedicated individuals in fulfilling the founder J.B. Rhine's dreams and furthering the mission of the Rhine. It is a wonderful space housed with an array of historic collections and new periodicals, newsletters, journals and books on parapsychology and related areas. As well as a spectacular venue for speakers, researchers, lectures, study groups, etc. to meet and discuss the parapsychology and related fields." --Wakine G. Tanous, J.D.