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Benton has taken his interests in technology, consciousness and personal growth and applied them first to a Masters degree in Education, and then into many years of work as a counselor, teacher and computer technician. Currently employed as an IT technician and trainer, he also enjoys a long relationship with the Rhine Center as a volunteer, assisting with computer and software needs. He's worked for many years with online Remote Viewing groups to help others learn about remote viewing and other PSI related interests. He helps facilitate a monthly Remote Viewing group at the Rhine Center. The group was founded to give local folks the opportunity to experience and practice their skills with like minded individuals since Benton believes that it is the relationship of the participants that is essential to PSI events. 

He has done technical/computer training for a number of businesses in the Southeast, and has taught Psychology and Sociology courses at the undergraduate level in colleges in NC. He's written software for binaural-beat brain entrainment technology. He has worked in webpage design, database design and implementation, as well as project management. Enthusiastically dedicated to the science of parapsychology he continues to explore the variables involved in anomalous human experience.