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Joseph W. McMoneagle, CW2, USA Ret.

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Joe McMoneagle is a much-decorated retired Army officer and the Owner/Executive Director of Intuitive Intelligence Applications in Nellysford, Virginia. Mr. McMoneagle is the author of several books, recently The Stargate Chronicles, and many articles that grew out of his long and extensive experience as a Remote Viewer and paranormal consultant to various agencies of the U.S. Government, notably the famous Stargate Program. He was a research consultant to SRI-I (1984-88) and SAIC (1988-94), and has been an associate researcher with the Laboratories for Fundamental Research from 1994 to present. He has been a PA Member and a consultant, SSP lecturer, subject, and friend to the Rhine Research Center for many years. Read more about Mr. McMoneagle at

"There are not many places in America or the world where one can go for the bottom line truth within the field of the Paranormal. Among those places, the J.B. Rhine Center is an historical icon - one of the very best. It's a place that honors all aspects of paranormal research, while bringing the highest quality of scientific clarity and understanding to the effort. These efforts have never faltered since its founding. It can truly be said that it represents the "people's library of knowledge" when it comes to understanding cultural, spiritual, and mystical human abilities. They've always been there when I've needed support, additional insight, or friendly advice." --Joe McMoneagle, CW2, USA Ret.