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Donnie first discovered the Rhine Research Center after taking her first Reiki class in 2012. She intuitively understood, saw, and felt the healing energy associated with Reiki, but the analytical part of her longed to discover more scientific explanations and details regarding what she was experiencing. In her search for these explanations, she found the website for the Rhine. She attended an open house event where she met Barbara Ensrud and Pamela St. John, and she became a member of the Rhine.

Donnie was raised in a very conservative household and community on the crystal coast of NC. Although she grew up in a loving and supportive family, she always felt a little different. Donnie felt, heard, knew and saw things which others did not seem to comprehend. She felt deeply spiritual, but found it difficult to understand many of the dogmatic beliefs which most of her family, friends, church, and community seemed to follow. Donnie often felt lost as a young adult, and she has explored many different paths trying to find answers.

Donnie served in the Navy for eight years as a Cryptologic Technician, Technical (CTT) and Battle Force Electronic Intelligence Analyst (BFEA) Operator. As a CTT and BFEA operator, she ran an eight-mainframe computer network system and funneled massive amounts of data collected (mostly) from electronic, signal, and radar based intelligence. She provided real-time information on specific and high interest items to aid in the enforcement of domestic concerns. She cherished the camaraderie and patriotism of the Navy, the speed and significance of her job, and she is still involved in various volunteer events for veterans. Donnie was honorably discharged in 2001, and she moved to Annapolis, Maryland.

While in Maryland, Donnie briefly went to college at Anne Arundel Community College and worked as a Fitness and Sales Consultant. She excelled at sales because it combined her gift of communication and broad social views with her innate business and marketing sense. She quickly became one of the top sales consultants, and eventually taught monthly sales classes.

In 2005, Donnie returned to her hometown and accepted a contracting job as a Logistics Technician for the H-1 helicopter remanufacture project at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT). Her ability to think outside of the box and quickly solve problems was put to the test on numerous complex financial and timesensitive logistical concerns with this project, but she found it easy to collaborate with the upper-echelon and was asked to assist on several other multi-million dollar projects during her time at GDIT.

Once her contract at GDIT ended, Donnie began a new journey which eventually led her to Durham and Chapel Hill. She discovered SFF, the Rhine, and other spiritual communities. For the first time in a long time, she felt at home. The Rhine holds a very special place for Donnie because of its ability to blend two of her favorite passions: her passion to explore and sense the limitlessness of the spiritual, and her passion to analyze and express using the substantiation of science.

The Rhine Research Center has become Donnie’s bridge. She is honored to be involved as much as possible in the continued success of the Rhine’s Mission. She welcomes future volunteer opportunities, and she is thrilled when she can introduce someone new to the research and events at the Rhine. Donnie considers the Rhine Research Center to be a rare and precious gift, and she is grateful to be able to share this treasure with anyone else still looking for answers and support.