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Etzel Cardeña is the Thorsen Professor of Psychology at Lund University in Sweden.  He studied parapsychology and received his PhD while studying with Charlse Tart at the University of California, Davis. He is a well respected academic and reseracher on topics related to hypnosis, altered states of consciousness, and psi phenomena.

Etzel became the editor of the Journal of Parapsychology in 2017. He has published numerous books and dozens of research articles related to paraspsychology and psychology.

"I think that the study of parapsychology and altered states of consciousness are basic to the understanding of consciousness and reality, because they strongly hint that there are alternate and equally valid ways of perceiving reality, and that there is a realm of interconnectedness (or embeddedness) that goes beyond the information provided by the senses and by reason."

Member of the Board of Directors since 2017.